The statuatute of limitations revisited!...

I had the hardest time gettin' on the ball to make my rounds at StarBucks and visit my freinds who just plain reject the message and any message and shun me and my company! They speak kindly to me, but speak among themselves about other things and no mindin' whether I'm in it at all!... And God finally convinced me sayin' "Well look at the bright side if nothin' works you just go to the super-market and get your eggnog and apple and pineapple turnovers?!..." And I said, "I can see myself gettin' ready to see if my freinds are at StarBucks!..." And I went there and they weren't there I joked with the SB's attendant and realize that the Lord wanted to minister to the ones who have sympathy for me and not those that don't as I feared!... And I was readin' a book on future teachin' and like my blogs it wasn't about teachin' but the world problems the world has like hunger, over population, famine, deseases, and threat of nuclear war, and the vanishin' unreplaceable natural resources!... And the book said that six major problem affect the world world-wide! And they were stated! And went on to say the the solution was interrelationships! And I said wonderful! This book is gem it points out that the problems are the interralationships between man and woman, father and child, boss and employee, government and citizen, and teacher and student?!...Wrong the book said the problem was the interralationships between the problems like a matrix of problems and relations!... And wrong book, you had it right the first place! The basic relations between people is what drives the world hungry! Jesus havin' nothin' but two small fish and five loaves did not worry about the logistics of the resources and from where God would bless those shared broken two small fish and five loaves?!... My neighbor at odds with me! I happn' to see him as I got home off the vehicle and had a tray of cinnamon crips I had just bought to enjoy and bless myself! I said to HIM, "Neighbor, for you and your wife to enjoy...that problem we had the other day...I appololgize...and we will be more careful not to let the water do damage to your things!..." And he,...said, "Forget it was not big deal at all!..." And we parted as freind again and joined as neighbors again!... And the sooner we break that bread and cut that pie with our neighbors will will never see what how Jesus was able to feed five thousand with the meager rations! The message is that it is not bread that feeds the nations but the WORD of God and he is very able tol let me have 2 trays of pineapple and apple turnovers to for me to think about as I write this as the Lord promised!... And God said that if we made the gospel and bringing glory to God our first objective, then we won't have to worry how God goes about feedin' the world, you and me!... But know that primary objective of the gospel is share with the needy something they desperatedly need to know to have peace with God n' peace at the dinner table and ask what is for dinner?!... Now relations and or interralationship are so important that hte devil knows that if he can with issues keep us apart he can cut in half or to nothing what we have to cook at the stove!... Please listen to the message: God does not want anyone to go hungry, he feels that more important than food is the lesson to have consideration and God will not serve the table until we learn to share and be thoughtful!... Love Frank thbg


We cannot be spiritually starved nor should anyone else be! Agrred on that! Walking in darkness ain't no fun! Let us continue to feed on the Word! Sharing and thoughtfulness go a long ways! Sharing without expecting in return! I will forever remember the 10 lepers healed and one returning to the Lord! Sad-ain't it! May we lift up our hearts unto Him and honor Him in thanks! He needs nothing, not the same for mankind! Take care and God Bless you and your family and journies with the Lord! Dave

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thanks kind Dave for Blessin' our Message! And when we break bread it is the most holy peace offering! And Jesus said the greatest sacrifice a person can make is make peace with his neighbor! What use is all the words if my neighbor cannot dip his hand into my cookie tray and share the most mundane things-food?!...

And Jesus knew that in only to make the perfect peace offering he had to be in our heart when we make it and he himself is the cookie tray broken for us to keep...yes to keep sharing and always looking to point to any unsuspecting soul that the Lord is accesibe and will cost nobody nothing but a kind "How are you? May you have a nice day! Jesus is a freind we can count on to be that a freind who greets abd shares!..."




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