The stroll that cost him a cross...

Those who have been with us with the moat, the maze and the library, now we have our Princess take a walk in the garden. She and her Prince are planning a Carnival at the Manor, namely in the moat and garden. We are taken in this segment by the scenery in the garden. The Princess takes a stroll in the garden and in the middle of the garden is pool and fountain that refreshes the garden continually. The pool is fed by a local river so it waters Are always refreshed and renewed. One though that I take on is our Lord taking his stroll in the Garden of Eden on the onset of creation. Quite curious he too was planning to have carnival the Manor- a type of Heaven. In our story the Princess is surprised by an old man in unroyal attire who is also contemplating the pool and fountain. In the story he say to her as he drops a valuable coin into the pool, "A penny for your thoughts" This is what the book says. And she says, "It certainly more than a penny..." Then he pours all his money bag on the pool...Our Lord put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the center of the garden. He made a huge investment on that tree in the center of the garden. It was a huge investment because he knew he was throwing in his own life. Which he later gave up on the cross. But in the story it's a fountain in the middle of the garden. The fountain of living water is at the center of heaven and the Holy Spirit Fills the temple of God. Before it was a tree to stumble and later the tree became the source of living water, a fountain- Jesus work on the cross or tree pole open the waters to flow into our life from the river of life-heaven. Who can doubt that river and ponds brings us refreshment and life itself everlasting? The life is renewed like the water of the river in the story refreshes the pond and gushes out the fountain. And indeed God will have a Carnival -a feast and banquet to those he has invited. But the Carnival was not free. It cost him thirty pieces of silver -that was the worth of his life to the old man who was with the Princess at the Pond. Then as the Princess spoke and turned to the pond, the old man left the garden. His place was not in the garden. The accuser has been cast out of heaven. Probably he will not be at the Carnival-the wedding feast of the lamb. And that should bring us joy while we contemplate our walk in the garden and we remember when our Lord took his walk in the cool of the day. Smiling because he already knew the end from the beginning and perfectly knew what it would cost him and exactly the glory he would bring himself as he planned our creation and redemption. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

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