The Trouble with Trouble is that it can crop up on us...

Sometimes when we write or say something we consider of significance, and there very little response from I don't know who. I wonder what exactly it is people want to hear? I don't and I don't feel anybody else writes to win popularity contests. But I wonder of the slowness of heart. In Hebrews it warns, take warn that you listen to him who speaks from heaven and don't repeat what you did when he spoke from you on earth, you built yourself a molten calf and bow down to worship it. Is that what will get attention: the molten calves? The idolatry of the world? The misconceptions of error? Is that what makes your 'cup of tea'? Paul admonishes, to examine yourself to see if you are in the faith? Are we really awake? Or are we in day dream just thinking what pull the whim of our mind? Do we really care what the bible says? Or is it just not so entertaining anymore? Maybe a bore? Is the Jesus hoopla a hoopla? Is our life so miserable that we don't care for what is right anymore? Have you asked Jesus for anything today? Have you thanked his for something today? Is our life just putting in our time and thats it? Have we noticed any growth lately? One day comes and another goes and everything is the same, we live and we die and that's it? Have you asked yourself a question lately, do you worship God or what is really it is you're made of? Do we have real christian substance? Any Hope? Any Love? Any Faith? Is it just about providing for the tummy and turn in for another day? May God guide you and help you and me answer these question is a response worthy of Jesus. Amen. thbg

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