The twist of the twisted and the game of the twistor...!

No what kind of blog is this? I was going to go about my regular day of chores, perhaps to wash the station wagon at the car wash. But the Lord said in my heart go home and wait there. I couldn't understand. Why we want to be diligent and about being busy doing something! But I listened to my qualms and went home and ate a little. I asked the Lord to help me because I'm sick... I prayed for a tranquil moment for the waters of my heart to be still and perhaps light can come the bottom of my well and I get to see the bottom of my heart. I usually want to run off when I have company at my house. And the Lord in a quiet moment showed me how twisted I was like the strands that make up a rope. The Lord showed me that other and circumstance twist on the strands of my soul and make twist more out of shape... So I said to the devil what are you going to imply today why I sit here and try to relax. There must be something that you know I scorn and abhor. And I realized that those around me say things which tic me off in order for me to make a comment and there get ignored. And the devils work is done. Abrumate my spirit with the disdain of others. So I decided to play a game... To everything that I heard that was absurd I said in heart to the devil, "My what a wonderful thing to say...could you repeat that again?" And suddenly everyone became silent. And suddenly they decide it was time to leave my house. I said to the devil, "Why devil, you left me with half the scoop...!" I felt the rope of my DNA relaxed and unstranded and now I realize that if If ignore an insult, every time it will be glorious... thbg

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

A thought like this takes time to bring it home. Our reality and the veneer with the spiritual-good or bad is very thin. Things come from one room here and into the over there somewhere where devil roam. It's quite frightening to understand this. That nothing is for certain. The flesh is just an interface where devils come and go. And no one can keep them out but Jesus. That's why it's so urgent that we call on him while the wood is green...

This is not your daily sunday school lesson. This is from the masters manual on how to deal with powers and wickedness in high places of authority. We have to keep our guards on the portals of our mind and mouth and let on the truth pass through. Please pray for me and us. So we can truly out wit the devil in his scheme which becomes clearer and clearer everytime he de-cloaks to attack us...


Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

I'm reminded of the Lord's words that "this kind can only come out by prayer and fasting".

Pray, brother, pray, pray, pray.


Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you for you kind comment 'savedbygrace'. We must always make it point and obvious that it is the Lord Jesus we worship and follow, believe and trust. Thankx again and keep praying for me and us and everyone. Bye...


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