The view from my roof-top...!

I could see it coming! I did not know how it would hit but I could see it coming! I was beginning to get the sickening feeling I get once Satan is plotting something!... If first started that my mother wanted to order me how to do things! I did not like that! Perhaps pride, but I could see that Satan wanted to get ahead of us! Perhap he did not like the last blog on dogs!... And the second hit came! My aunt came to pick up a blouse my mother has fixed and it started, something controversial! Now we know that the banning of the Arizona Alien Deportation Law as been repealed by President Barack Obama and the Federal Court System!... And it seems that my mother is not sympathetic with so many foreigners residing here in our country and asking for rights!... I was counting to 10, 20, 30,...100! I don't don't like to treat other humans shamefuly and it ticks me off! And wham! Satan made a hit and told my mother that her Doctor she steems so much is Mexican and he should be deported with the rest of these 'undesirable' and I said he is needed more in his country instead of curing those who are rich here!... This Doctor has a moral obligation to serve his country where he got his Medical Doctor Diploma and serve the hand that served him!... Well, my mother did not like it all! And since my mother was my only comfort today, Satan successfully separated me from my blessings today!... And I was off! Sorry for terminology! I felt trapped and blamed God for cornering me with someone who hates him, his word and his message!... And I walked around the house looking for ideas! And I sat finally in the den and looked the corner of the roof of my house through the window and remembered what Solomon said that it was better to live in the corner of a rooftop than with a contentious woman!... And I thought about it and looke at the ladder and decided to climb into the roof of my house and take the roof! And I beheld all the wonderful clouds and rooftop of my neighbors around me! And it was peaceful! And I walked to the edge to explore the wisdom of Solomon!... And I wondered if he had enough of his 500 wives and 400 concubines?! And I thought the edge of a roof and maybe Solomon wanted to make the jump from the top of his mansion and end his troubles!... And no, I just leaned on the swamp cooler and prayed and God visited me and brought my last blog to rememberance and thought well we can't please everyone in this life!... And as I made my way back down the ladder, the dog suddenly became jubilant and wanted to play and perhaps celebrate that I did not make the jump or just wondered what was lingering with me on the roof so long?!... And I thought this is one intelligent dog who seeks to cheer his master when is not having a good hour! Perhaps I took it as a grateful gesture! A grateful intelligent dog I would say!... Blessings. Amen. thbg

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