The Vision of the towel rack and the tiddy-bowl brush!!!

Last night I woke up at 1:35 AM in the morning and was tossing and turning and just couldn't sleep!!! I was not hungry or thirsty or anything!!! I wasn't worried!!! But I couldn't put a prayer together and I knew that there was something wrong!!! But at the break of dawn God helped me with a vision of seen a shower towel in a rack and tiddy-bowl brush standing on the floor!!! And the way I felt was if I was preaching the gospel to the towel and the brush, and somehow that made more sense!!!... Innatimated objects just hang there on the rack and or stand by the side of the bowl!!! And this object don't revile back and are ready to dry and ready to scrub and hesitation on that!!! And they wait patienty there on call until it time for them to be used and take action!!! We shower and put them back!!! And we wash the bowl and we put it back on it's stand ready of the timeless wait until next time!!!... And in the bible I keep coming back to John 8, where Jesus tell the Jews that they are from below and that he is from above and affirmatedly tells them that they will die in their sins!!! And then I turn to Romans 12 where Paul exhorts those in the Church there to be reformed in the image of God!!! And certainly Paul was more optomistic about the church than Jesus was about the Jews!!!... But Paul make this acclamation that it is by the tender mercies of God that should not conform with the mold of this world. And that would mean that they should earnestly pray that they should turn and be really like Christ is and show the real fruits of the real spirit of God!!!... And is there still time to scrub away the drows of this world and make the bowl clean??? And if else are we ready for the towel after we have become clean from rinsing of washing??? Can there be still be hope to becoming clean??? After so many exhortations and warning and baptisms in the message of the truth, are we still in the scrub the bowl stage???... In 2Timothy 3 Paul tells of some who are always learning but never quite come really to the knowledge of the truth!!! We shower and shower but we can never really become clean!!! We just don't get the signal from heaven but are tuned to the signal of the world and its deception!!! But Paul had hope, invoking the tender mercies of God that we abandon the mold in filth of this world... May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

The hard midday sun hitting my neck and face, but let's continue with the message!!! And the message is the we exalt in anything but Jesus!!! And we think that we have come to the knowledge of Jesus but we are still hoping and trusting in some mytical goodness we still think we have in us!!! And we might think that we have become regenerate with help of God and his spirit, but we really don't trust on the sacrifice of Jesus daily!!!...

We haven't become clean and dipped into the pool of the tree of life, if we don't understand how is the God Jesus who makes us clean!!! And funny we think we have overcome the flesh and the world!!! And as long as we feel 'good' about what we think we are, but not really are, we don't know there really understand how the cross is supposed to work and set us free!!!...

We are still trusting on ourselves and that is a gospel of works and we haven't really believed God that there is none good but God alone!!! And as long as we feel we are good then we won't think we need Jesus for anything!!! What for??? How can you improve on 'good'??? And that is what the devil should have us believe that we really don't need Jesus anything, just to form a social group and pretend we know him and comfort each other about how 'good' we are and build on that foundation that we are 'good' and that is not what the bible says: Jeremiah 17:9,

["... 9The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?..."]

Now the bible is a mirror that shine the real light on how we are like and why we need the Cross of Jesus in the most deperate manner!!! And this is the true gospel of Jesus...

May you be blessed. Amen.


Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

thank you for your blog. it just reminded me why , i dont like using our dishwasher ans doing them by hand. also the word"towel" in your blog kinda stole my thunder for a new blog title but'it too shall pass" lol be blessed

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thanks 'iraqivetsgtret' brother for letting us in in your dishwashing adventures!!! lol and you are going to leave us wondering what would of you said in your next coming blog. I will always wonder what would that be about??? Thanks for you comment and thanks for dropping by and reading my blog...

Many Blessings. Amen.


Ruth Papalii @deanna ·

Thanks! for your comment to "Him be Glory."

Deanna! here.

Year! Our Righteousness is as filthy rags to God Almighty that is Why? God cannot see us or we would all die because God Almighty is
so Holy without sin.

But as long as we are here just like "Jesus Christ,"was to please His Father.

Now how? do You think we would please God. By obeying His Word. I know we always muck up every single person but if we truly
Love God Almighty with all our hearts we would let the Holy Spirit clean our rooms out one by one.

By listening to the Holy Spirit makes You pleasing towards God.

I will give You an example okay! that I myself have experienced.

These Pastors that was my friends gave me good advice when they when in New Zealand not to get in debt by getting a car on finance
or God would not be happy.

Anyway I got tempted by this guy that came to my church and saw me go up the front to get prayed over for God to bring out my desires
of my heart. He heard me and advised me He had a car for me, and would also help me find a job.

Well! I was all excited and saying Yes I finally get a car Praise God, but found out later it was not God. The Lord kept putting on my heart
remember what? the Pastors advised You do not do it.

I asked them if there was interest on the car and they said just a little, but I was warned for that as well. So all night! I was trying not to
listen to that voice of saying do not do this You are not obeying God. This other voice said but He is a member of the church, just came
back that night after a while He said.

Anyway! the next morning God was speaking again more strongly to my Spirit not to do this. He reminded me He let me off $2000,00 from my other car finance and I would be getting myself in trouble again. So I canceled it. And the Holy Spirit let me of
$500.00 for a bill for being obedient to him. The guy also said He heard from the Lord not to do it too.

This Guy came to my Window knocking on it at Night. My friend introduced him to me, God told me do not open the door at night. So I listened to him the Holy Spirit is so
simple in the way he guides us, teaches us even things that You should use your common sense in but some do not use their common
sense so the Holy Spirit has to remind them.

My Friend was mad when she found out and told him off, because any decent Man would never go to a Woman's home at night.

For example: I had a dream my friend and me were in this car a station-wagon with the window you wind down the back. Anyway it was
full with Woman and their was this Indian Lady at the back shivering and scared than this man started walking over to the car, and she said
I do not want to go with him than my friend Caroline said well why? are all the windows down than put your windows up but it was too late he grabbed the girl and started tying her up with rope, my friend Caroline ran at the back and he grabbed her and started tying her up with the rope I rang at the back and shouted leave my friend alone and I called all the Woman in the car saying come on there is many of us and they rang and we tied him up at the end with the rope it was God given us Wisdom in just normal things that if all the windows were up it would not have happened.

But God would tolerate a person for so long! that means He has a lot of patience, but beware! When God loses His patience I am not saying
this to scare anyone but it happened to me, but mind You the Lord spoke to me that I am on meat in Gods Word that is probably why? God said if I did not give up on
this sin I was doing for so long since a child I would be killed in a car accident. I know that is quite tough! but hey He has to be because God has been giving me so many chances for the same thing over and over again, and I was not listening to Him but being disobedient, so I finally obeyed God and even feel happy and peaceful that I did Brother.

God would have still taken me home, I would not have lost my Salvation through it, I would have just went home quicker than what God wanted to take me home in.

If we are in danger God wants us to call on Him also it is all through the Wisdom and Understanding of the Word. Keep Praying for Wisdom that is What? the Lord will give anyone who ask for it. Like the King in the bible that knew that the Mother would not cut up her own baby that is how? he knew the baby belonged to her. Wisdom we all need it.

Love your Sister in Christ. Hope You understand all this Brother.

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you Deanna for taking the time and sharing with us and exhorting us to use common sense and pray for wisdom. Thank you for hearing from you again after a long spell of time. I glad you are sharing with us again!!! Greet all those your family in New Zealand and you family too...

Many Blessings from Texas...


Mary Shellow @awesomewonder ·

Thank you for posting your Blog for us to read and enjoy God has a way of doing things and for using things to get our attention, He speaks to us in many ways we just have to be able to hear him when he speaks.

God Bless You and keep Blogging

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you 'Awesomewonder' for your kind comment to my blog. And the fact of the matter is that I'm not really into visions and dreams!!! And God must of had something urgent to tell to pick this way!!! I don't know what kind of channel I need to reach people but if it is this way, I hope I have accomplished his purpose!!!...

God often spoke in Parables and stories and accounts!!! But only the Holy Spirit can relate what is really going on!!! It must very very urgent for God to speak in visions and dreams!!! The only time he did that was in the past and it was urgent to record the bible!!! But now it must be urgent what he wants to tells us in this way!!!...

Lest he chooses to put earquakes, famines, Tsunamis or hurricanes as a backdrop to his message!!!...

May you be blessed. Amen.

ps. And I did not say that God is getting weary of his message being tossed underfoot and going nowhere with this generation!!!...


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