The "What about Me???" Generation

In course of the thought tha we were serving God, we come to the question to the nagging question, "What about me and my life???" "What am I buiding for myself???" "What about my plans for this life???" And it sound reasonable to the self to think about itself, and really does anybody think about his life???!!! But I learned with the help of God that there's a time when we have to grow up and face the facts of reality!!! And we can't continue to think childishly endlessly!!! When God outlines the fact that there's a real devil and a host of demons in the spiritual realm set to oppose you and me and our plans we might have to form for ourselves, we come to realize that God came to put an end to him who opposes us personally!!! And God said in the Passover Ceremony when he gave thanks, "This is my body broken for you, when he broke bread, and this is my blood shed for you, when he took the cup of wine, Jesus came to give and supply to us, what we need the most, spiritual understanding and freedom from those who shackle our wrists, neck and ankles!!! And this why this Easter is so meaninful, because God came to give us plenty and not take from us like the devil have us believe and have us say, "What about me and my life and my plans???" What the bible outlines as instruction is all everything that is good for us!!! And the sooner we come to see that God is a good God out to do us Good, the sooner we we see that everything God ever made was for our Good, even our self, which want to contruct something for itself, but helpless to carry out anything meaning without the help of God!!! So the Message this Easter and the Cross is that God is out to do us Good in every respect!!! The bread and the wine and foot washing ceremony only represent that God became a servant to serve us and give us what we need the most, life, deliverance and a helping freind, God himself!!! May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

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