Those that eagerly wait for his return...

I finally witnessed a blog with more than 1000 views, I did not know what say! Then I went to Barnes and Novel, read a magazine that the electric car is on the works! What a break-through. Why did I worry all this time? But let Jesus speak, let God speak, "I'm the bread of life, declared Jesus. He who comes to me will never hunger and he who believes in me shall never thirst." The visiting engineer told GM, "This new car is not for the faint hearted..." When the crowds saw him, Jesus with his deciphiles, "Whence came thou?" Jesus had not boarded with the deciphiles but came to them walking on the water, but the crowds knew not that. This economic storm willl pass away like all storms. But will we be asleep and tell Jesus, " Whence cameth thou?" At what hour will he come? Will he find us looking at the clouds? Or at the raging waves? Will he be ghost to us? Is Jesus ghost in your distant moment when I'm tempted to sin or do ill or evil? Will he find you with your lamps turned off without oil, like in the parable of the ten virgins. Will you say, "Whence cameth thou?" How watchful is our watch? Is our sleep a deep slumber? How is our watch over our soul? Is the temple safe? Is the wall still up? Is it trojan-horse proof? "Whence cameth thou?" Will I say to my Lord? Have you realized that bread is for those that are awake? And those that are hungry are those that are not asleep? Have you risen, like your Lord has risen? The GM Engineer is certainly not in a slumber, he sees the pertinent trouble and the signs of the times. It exists and he has done his homework. This engineer is not telling the new car, "Whence cameth thou?" He has been expectant of the break-through. He has been part of the solution. He's done his work! But what about the bread of live solving a lot of problems? We will never be hungry and will never thirst. The word has an everlasting implication of eternal dimention. Have you realized it? A satisfied soul forever. Do we really grasp the satisfaction it will and does bring? The GM car will solve this economic trouble to some degree. But the bread from heaven will come with something we haven't tasted. No eye has seen, nor ear heard, what God has laid in store for those that love him. Perhaps those that expectantly await his return. May you be blessed. Amen.


Amen . . . preach it brother.

Blessings from NC

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