We want to give many thanks...!

We want to give thanks to everyone whose heart God has touched to keep his site going this year. It is not a small matter to go out of our way and give to the sake of the gospel. It is so mysterious. It only tastes for those who have a love for the truth and love that to share it with others. I want to thank Christianblog for my Premier Membership gift this a year ago. God has been good to me and us I think, I managed to write 400 blogs, dedicated to the spreading of the truth near and abroad... We certainly thank our sponson John for his vision to set up this site and tackle the problems on his life that this site has brought upon himself. And we thank God so earnestly for blessing us so profoundly in this way. And we want to specially pray for those who have faith and have made it task on themselves to pray for John, this site, the truth, the finances and future of this site, we can't thank you enough... We pray earnestly as the end of the year draws near, that we set ourselves and we too pray for the future of this site and the truth. Please pray for prosperity in our country and the world, so that more dollars, franks, and pounds and yens find their way into the agenda of God to save men, women and children. And we set to rekindle our love to share the truth and find more remote places to proclaim Jesus through the miracle of technology... Again we thank you and God for being on his side and I, we are sure that there will be no regrets for any sacrifice we've done to futher the cause of salvation of many. May your moment be peace, finances prosperous, bones strong, heart cheerful and face smiling because we are convinced that God loves you so very much and appreciates every ebb of prayer and gift you, we give to his cause. We thank you and God so much. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you so much for making all this bouquet of love possible this year. Our God has certainly outdone himself this time and not least, the new dedicated server, inspite of severe financial trouble we went ahead, with more faith than money, you, blessed of God made it possible, do drink your eggnog with joy, because many now have the truth so precious that last year, they had not! Halleujah! Praise God! Cheers! Look to heaven and thank almighty God!...



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