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Dear Father we pray that this blog is not out to get the most or best comments. While your food is, your word can be a feastly banquet, may this blog bring comfort and direction to the hungry and to the lost. Amen. When I write a blog lately, I ask myself that question, "What am I trying to accomplish with my writting?". Will I be happy with 1000 views or 300 comments? Perhaps but after the hoop-la is over, will I really, honestly think I have accomplished anything? I was reading two blogs that should be pushed on childrens textbooks and the other on a college commencement exercise address. One was about writting and journalism and its merits and the other was about listening and the art thereof. I didn't write a comment, but I really thought that the authors who wrote them should be taken to applebees or a fine restaurant for writting those kind of pieces. I think one had 18 view and 0 comments. I thought that was tragic. I just happen to believe that reading, writting, speaking, listening and then sharing are five things that should mark a successful life- to really best get the benefit of what God has entrusted to you. The written, spoken word is the, well one of the most unthanked abilities God has given man. And I just think that a Christian as he or she matures, should read, write, speak, listen and finally share more of what they percieve, to the glory of God. In the parable of the talents, the gold God has entrusted to you to deal with in this life, have I used it to the best of my ability? If I understand the bible, will it really profit me, if I keep it to myself? In Luke 17:10, Jesus says, "Likewise you, when you have done all that you've been told, you should say,' We are unworthy, useless servants,we've done no more than was our duty'". When we just stick to the rudemantary things we do, you are not taking your fishing boat to the open sea where the greater possibilities are. The train of thought of Luke 17:10 starts at Luke 14:1, when Jesus went to eat with a notable Pharasee. And begins his discourse by asking wether it's ok to heal on the sabbath. I think God went to TELL the most unlikely person, the most IMPORTANT things, for the most important REASON, that he loved that person enough to take the time and explain something he really needed to hear. And the discourse continues until you get to Luke 17:10. Wether we are doing everything in our power to explain the most important thing, to the most unlikely person, why? Because it's the most important task God has given man: To preach the gospel. I think that sums up why I want to write a blog. But I don't know wether my blog will get the most views or comments, that's God's business. But it gives me satisfaction to put accross the most important things. May you be blessed. Amen.

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

I am so glad our eternal worth is not based on views/comments. I write many blogs, just about every day because I was led to do so both as a personal release as well as with the prayer that someone at sometime gets blessed reading it. I guess that is what it is all about. Follow the Lord's lead and stay fatihful to what He leads you to. Pretty simple, I might have to write a blog on it.

Thanks for your insight and as Pappilon said, you hit some nails squarely on the head.

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