What if we're to raise someone from the dead?!...

And one doesn't know where the word will take you! Let me explain! I was havin' a converation with a gentleman who was tellin' me that he had learned to tell his wife. "Yes Dear!...Yes Dear!...Yes Dear!..." And thought that was good advice and would save him lots of arguin' energy and many bad moments!... And I told him a parable about somethin' that happen to me that taught me that we should not come down on somethin' or that is someone, who at one time, we expected and had expectation, when we were first together, and later we began to be quietly disappointment, and just say, "Yes Dear!..." And I don't think he thought or was doin' this thin'gs! But after I noticed that the super computers were havin' the sort of problems my new at home was havin' I realize I had judged wrongly! And this is only a machine! But what if that is person we are castin' down and we go and find another and then notice she is doin' the same thin'g the old one was beginnin' to do!... Then we know we judged some unjustly for somethin'g that happens to everyone! And we know we made a mistake big time!... And I went on to write a blog in some other site which caters to the open world at large! And I said to him I made you public! I said that there is no point in being thoughtless because by this will all men know we are God's dicipiles if we have love for one another!... And I said that if you agree with your wife and that is good, but if we put our heart into it then we know that is much better because we are sincere!... Get involved! What is happenin' to your wife is happenin' to us, me, you and everyone! And if we get tire, and lifeless, and put on some pounds, or we just not interestin, it is somethin' that is the environment and not the machine or the person in this case!... And if we learned to give each other time and space and the forgive then we know that we have a common enemy and the enemy is not each other but the spirit that brings the world down, the devil!... And how clever of us to cast on each other a charge we never earned but we had to pay the penalty for is for the same reason we misjudge because we are just plain human and helpless!... Many a' Blessin's Amen... Frank thbg

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