What is God up to?!...

For all you who have been with us in all our Computer Adventures! I have begun a new one! And this already cost me money, time and caused me to loose some opportunities! I was distracted for a whole day and could focus on the message!... We won't go any more into nerdy trivial and let us rather turn to bible! Is is a beautiful autumn morning and we don't want ruin that! Havin' no success in my computer nuts and bolts! But I made a mistake in doin' what Lot's wife should have never done and that is look back!... And like I promised I did not want to tell you what happen to me into tryin' to bring an o'l machine back to life! And I hadn't realized what a capricius person I discovered my self to be!... But even now that I don't see me winin' thi's game I find certain somethin'g that I trusted God with somethin'g impossible! And I knew I had a loosin' game! But not entirely! I made a new freind the Lord has been lookin' for for a long long long time!... And certainly this person will be intrumental in talkin' to those impossible to reach with my means! And in that view we don't mind doin' the impossible! And certainly the machine may do or not do the impossible! And the only reason we trusted God with the impossible because even though we don't believe God is perfectly able to do just that the impossible!... thbg

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