What is the 'bend' in your story?...

When I wrote this peice it was not out of whim. God asked me all day after this was written, "What is your bend?" or play on words what is it that bends you that your bend the truth? So we ask ourselves and if we want to be true to ourselves, ask yourself what bends you? What breaks you? What circumstance makes you give up the fight for the truth. In Jude in says contend for the faith that was once delieverd unto the saints, it should mean us. But do we really fight and contend to make the road straight for the truth? What seminary institution makes you compromise? What colleage make you stumble and not tell it like it is. Company is great but not company with error. Psalm 1;1 says that blessed is he that does not listen to the cousel of the ungodly or stand in sinners way or sit in the committee of scoffers. If you wondered what was the bend in this blog this it. And you can answer that better than anybody in the world becaues no one knows you better then you and except God. Who might be asking you today the question: What makes you bend? And if we are truly true to ourselves we will be able to come with a straight answer because God already know what the answer to your person is. So let us be true to ourselves and stop kidding I don't know who, maybe just ourselves only. May you be blessed. Amen. Ps. The fact of the matter is that liars are only there to bend the truth or we can cosmetically call them deceivers or just decipiles of Satan. thbg

Grant Withers @bimonics ·

Yep, it's back to the prayer closet for me and away from screen for awhile. My thought is 'the fear of man is a snare'.

good day.

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thanks for your comment. I like to go outside and look at the sun and cloud on the day and the moon and stars at night to remind me of how majestic and awesome God is and then I figure, I wasted all that energy worrying instead of worshipping and praising his name for his sure word and deliverance. My bend is when I forget all about this and focus on my own feeble strength!

Thanks again. May you have a peaceful day. Amen.


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