What occurred on Passover!?...

With my family tellin' me to hurry and to what I have to do today and early and pronto! And yet the new nightmare day starts of havin' to do this and that and quickly! And yet we forget that it is God's day and not the devils!... Turnin' to Luke 22 we have the account of the dicipiles gettin' ready the Passover dinner! And what really is the Passover Dinner! Is it a marriage feast between the lamb and the bride?! Dose the bride have to earn somethin' at the table to become the church?... And we yet don't know what sactification means, God in us! And it is not manual of how to get to God, but the weddin' Cake gift! To experience, and partake and to share with others! But the bride never earns the weddin' cake gift!... And not what is gift somethin' you earn?! And if we give gifts to get somethin' back then it is a bribe and adultery! Or not to say prostitution!... And yet we are not that way with Christ! We are together and complete at his side with no liens from the bank on our house! God is free and no one has a liens on him at all! And the more we understand how free Go is and then we will know how free we are in God and nobody really has a lien on us but our own misconceptions about what free grace is!... Many a' Blessin's Amen; thbg

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