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It was such a pleasant day today. But it didn't start that way. We were affllicted, worried, afraid, stressed and over whelmed by the end of the week. But we feel better now and maybe take on an issue that would dismiss otherwise. It's a mistake to react to the miscomfort of someone who is offend at us for some reason. But it is good to clarify something. That thing is that is blessful to reveal and divulge the truth at all time and seasons. This is not a race for who blogs more or has the most views or who is more popular. Jesus said that it is not who commend himself but whom the Lord commens that he or she should have something to glory about. The bible says that were here to please God and give God all the glory at all times. The thing is about this blogging business is the more you give yourself and mind away the more the Lord puts on the table to talk about. Sometime we see movies, read books, see documentaries or just open Gods' word to see what can we give people, Gods people to meditate upon in the morning and in the afternoon. We never want to see them stop growing in the knowledge and grace of the truth. We've become very wealthy along the way. We've made some very special freinds from the inside and from the outside, both ways the Lord wants to touch those he wants to touch with the words we write. But this is never of vain or self glory. Sometime we are late at night meditating on something we want to write in the morning. And we feel peace when we do so. And God makes it a point to bless us personally for the work we do for him. But all in all it all about God above in is holy temple. He is the one who blesses our key-board to write what he want to say. Amen. thbg

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