Whatever is fair...a thought from the bible...

"Kind God in heaven, we give you praise and glory. May your name be blessed forever and ever. We want to worship and adore you good God." How true is that? That was the first entry on my brand new journal. I put it back on the shelf three or four times. I finally decided to buy it. About the entry. Is that really true? We want to worship and adore you good God. What does God really want from us? I'll tell you what he doesn't want. In Amos 5:21- God tells Amos what he doesn't want. "I hate your special suppers. I will have nothing to do with them. And I'm not pleased with your religious meetings. 22-, Even if you give me burnt gifts and grain gifts in worship, I will not receive them. I will not look at your peace offerings or your fat animals. Take away the noise of your songs away from me. I will not listen to the sound of your harps. BUT, let what is fair roll down like waters. Let what is right and good flow forever like a river." On Matthew 7:21, Jesus says, " Not everyone who calls me 'Lord, Lord' will enter the kingdom of heaven. Save those that do the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say on that day, 'Lord, Lord' did we not preach in Your Name? Did we not put out demons in Your Name? Did we not do many powerful works in Your Name? Then I wills say to them plainly, " I never knew you. Go away from me, you who do wrong."" Now the Lord doesn't hate us when he points out this statements. He is not against preaching or blogging for that matter. But if we have ill thoughts towards anyone, he will not answer our prayers, nor he will accept our gifts or praises. He says that a broken and contrite heart he will not despise. Fellowshipping, going to church, quoting scripture is all fine as well as prophesying and giving to his cause is wonderful. But if there is ill in our heart, well our religion is in vain. We are wasting out time and pious words. Back to my journal entry,"We want to worship and adore you good God." Will that line stand when it gets to heaven, after the Lord examines my religion and daily life? Do I really worship God or do I worship myself? How do I treat others? Do I really love them as much as I love myself? Do I have a measuring stick for them and different one for when I sin and make a mistake? I had to take a long hard look at myself and walk before I felt some sort of confidence that I stood right with the Lord. It's the Lord who make me right. But how fair am I with my fellow subjects? Do I truly love them? Do I just love those that love me? Do I make allowances for our frailty as humans, like I like to forgive myself? Whatever is lovely and whatever is fair, you can do that by loving your neighbor as yourself. May you be blessed. Amen.

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