When the winds take our thoughts...were do they go?...

When everything is done and everything said, I retire to my private journal and what does God think about when he just looks back and reflect. I log in punch my e-mail then password and I'm in and I pray and dream what could God be thinking about this moment? He certainly has taken care of me and my life. No to mention my sins. I think how he interceeded for me today and kept me safe. My greates joy is that he kept me from the folly of my own humaness and bent heart. I can just reflect on thinking of his majestic creation and glorious name. I can think of how really lucky I am to be called by his name- a name that has eternality in it. What have you thought about today? Is your focus still on chores and duty of the day? I suppose that's fine. Chores need to be made. But like it say in Colossian 3:1, Is your heart still all in this life? Have you really tasted the heavenly above in your calling? Have you experienced over and over again the deliverance of God in your life? What do you think about when you retire? Is you mind just on turning over and going to sleep? Is the truth really revealed by what you read or hear about what is supposed to be God? Jesus said that he came that we could have life and have it all aboundantly. Is there thirst in you soul for God to satisfy? Have you really examined your growth and daily mental activity? What are you thinking right now? Do this words just missed you curiousity? I hope you take a minute out with God and examine the greater things in life and with that I hope you truly have peace with God and of God. If you will- take an inventory of your heart and see if there's thirst for something in there for like someone- like God. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

Kim Gregg @ladywithaview ·

[quote]My greatest joy is that he kept me from the folly of my own humaness and bent heart. [/quote]

My mind expands when I realize how he uses the folly of my own humanity and bent heart to His glory - how he fits it all together.

My son asked me why I usually cry when we take communion - and it's experiencing over and over again the deliverance of God. It's realizing how undeserving you are - and how great the gift is and holding on to that truth. It's the words "given and shed for you".

Peace ~ LWV

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