Whose been looking for you since before time began...

As Jesus marvels that only one Samaritan came to give him thanks and glory, we come to another passage where Jesus weeps over Jerusalem and says, "If only you knew what makes for peace, but now it's hidden from your eyes". What kind of person after someone in long line give him "cuts'" to get in traffic and does not wave some sort of motion with the hand to show his appreciation? It's shocking but it happens. Fact one, what makes for peace? Only Jesus is the perfect sacrifice for our peace with God. There's no other way. Obstacle two, It's hid from your eyes, he told the Jews. Jesus didn't say you misunderstood or had a hazy view. It's hid from your eyes. Hid. Hid. Hid. Not only didn't they know Jesus was the Messiah, but even if they know Jesus was the Messiah, it's still hid. They cannot accept something that know not who he is, but also cannot accept something that they do not know it's there. After pertinent trouble of cleansing the Jews from Leprosy, the double key door is still not open to them to give him thanks. If this is a mistake, then why didn't they return to give him thanks, to Jesus. Perhaps they reasoned that the reason they were clean and healed was because they were on the way to see the old testament sacrificial priests. The Samaritan woman at the well, "well" after Jesus told her a few facts about her life, she reasoned Jesus was the Messiah. No trouble at all. The prophets of the old testament predicted the coming of the Messiah, but the Jews didn't believe Moses either. Jesus told the Pharisees, " You don't know either the scriptures or the power of God...". Well how can they know the scriptures, if the meaning is hid and how can they understand the meaning if they don't have the holy spirit to assist them and tabulate the meaning? Another two-latch door. Sometime we underestimate how blessed we are to be Samaritans. I was found by those that were not looking for me... We didn't find Jesus because we were looking for him. We found him because he has been looking for us before since the foundation of the world. " I was found by those that were NOT looking for me...". May you be blessed. Amen.

Virginia Sills @happytoberestored ·


I JUST read, meaning JUST, the passage of scripture in Luke -- I was reading Luke -- where Jesus weeps over the city of Jerusalem. The knowledge that Jesus felt such great pain at the rejection of the people of Jerusalem just broke my heart. On Father's Day no less.

And AMEN! Jesus is the only door through which we can walk to gain life.



Susan Cope @lilysvalley ·

You explained that so well. I never really understood why the Jews don't, especially then, know Jesus is the Messiah. I know it's for our benefit though. Thank you for the enlightment.

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