With the view goin' down we hope the hope is goin' uup!...

Sometimes we say things that are just plain to chew spiritually! And we can understand that very well! We Jesus once he fed the multitudes and healed all the sick and cast out all the demons and did everythin' and yet he came to the point were he asked them somethin' for them to do: Eat his flesh and drink his blood!... And you who are Catholic you know you are taught that is exactly what you are doin' in takin' the wafer and the sip of wine! And we don't have trouble with that! And we pray we you that we too are delivered when we take the tiny morsel of bread and drink the cranberry or grape juice!,,, And this is not a fight about emblems real or symbolic! And the real essence is that the deliverance of God is real and for sure has taken place for us even from before the foundation of the world!... And we keep on chuggin' the new hardware to keep the message goin' and once in while we get a word of comfort to encourage us and strenghten our devotion and committement! And we care about the views because we like to believe God has power to get your attention!... And sometimes we are tested to say thin'g we rather put away and throw away the key! But we so like to thank you who do appreciate what we say and pray other join the club! And there are many good blogs to read out there but you are on your own to see which are faithfull to the word!... But we like to believe that we are faithful when we are not weak and have to lament and mourn that God returns our joy and our strenght and our single-heartedness and not be led astray!... Well you keep on prayin' and we keep on chuggin' the keyboard! And pray that it never become a 'me' thing but a all for 'u' thing!... Many a' Blessin's Amen... thbg

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