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I feel like Paul sometimes ,A thorn in my side published by
Even though the title mentions Paul ,this blog really has little to do with
Even though the title mentions Paul ,this blog really has little to do with Paul.I say I feel like Paul in my time this modern world we live in.Im fairly young almost 31,lol but I have never really liked the technology changes of my time.I was nice in content with my cassette tapes when the CD player came along .My parents had a computer years before me.I seen no need in one,At the time,I do like the internet now,well most of the time.My point is as Ive seen many changes through my years andI i say many ,my generation and my 10 year old son's have seen nothing but constant change.I dont see much change in the Church though ,When I was a child I rember many revivals and Vacation Bible schools and charity events even for the ones that didnt believe but now I just see a constant change in how we can buy the newest gadget or the trendy clothes or how many extra activities we can put our kids in.What so and so is doing and saying on social networks,I find it upsetting that Churches are more concerned of their own walk then theyre family member that is going to hell,That sound harsh and I mean no harshness towards it just a bit of honesty,something we dont much like these days either.I heard a CHristian radio station that I listen to regulary say "We must not water down God's word ,he is stern in what he says and he wants the same for us".He doesnt always want the feel good sermons.Ive been thinking on my younger years recently on having such a fear of God. Hearing his wrath on the Old Testament and thinking oh wow Im scared I dont want to make God mad at me,geez I wish I would of heard more of those sermons in the last decade because I had lost that fear for a season ..or two..he doesnt want us to be afraid of him but as a father is stern to his child because he wants them to respect his authority so does God and we are loosing that.I think as Christian's we struggle so much in our own walk because of feel good sermons ,You have what you say,well my friend didnt ever say she wanted her father to have brain cancer but he has it.Thats an example but I hope you get my point.I want biblical truth I hunger for his word like I have never before and I knows its upto me feed myself but we need more honesty especially about drugs and sexual imorality and lusting over things.Most Christians know what the ten commandments say but are we breaking it down and teaching to our modern world out of Biblical times or did we modernize our Bible and now teach that was only for their time .I taught for 2 years 6-12 year olds on Wedsnday nights and I took it serious but I struggled through those years and after "should I drink or not?People use Gods word lightly "Jesus turned water into wine" In Romans 3:10-18 says
"There is none righteous,no not one
THere is none who understand
There is none who seek after God
They have all turned aside
They have together become unprofitable
There is none that who does good,no,not one
Their throat is an open tomb
With their tongues they have practiced deceit
The poison of asps is under their lips
Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness
Their feet are swift to shed blood
Destruction and misery are in their ways
And the way of peace they have not known
There is no fear of God before their eyes

My Bible tells me that Paul is addressing the Gentiles ,they know God but reject him and then you have the Jews they have Gods law but are not righteous .This still speaks volumes to me and to the modern Church ,The Church im attending is doing a Revelation study,I used to be so scared of that book but now I want to know all thats in it,when it talks about the 7 Churches i can see the modern Church in many of these Churches .The thorn should be in all of us , as Paul battled his to his death I believe so will. I think he felt the thorn because he really cared about God's Church and desired to spread the gospel at all cost of his flesh,I may not be on his level but I desire to be one day.I can only hope in pray for God's children (myself included)to wake up and start helping the Church become alive again and bring back his word and to be guided by the Holy spirit to enlighten people and seek the lost by it.

Published: Jun 28 2012 11:26:52pm

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