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I had high hopes for today. I made the decision to commit myself to focusin
I had high hopes for today. I made the decision to commit myself to focusing on the right things and getting my life on track. Morning came and I showered and got dressed and went to work. Immediately things went south! Things that were supposed to be made ready by the night crew were not ready. I said a few things about it... to a few people... and made a lady at work angry with me. She accused me of cursing her! My "bubble" of Christlikeness was popped! The old man took over and as I worked... I said some bad words and felt awful. About lunchtime, I called home. My wife was off work today. She got angry with me when I asked her to make sure that one of her son's friend's did not have my parking place when I got home! I went back to work. I decided to go over to a friend's house after work instead of coming home to her. She didn't like that too much. She has sulked all evening...and I don't care anymore! She is going to go out of town with a girlfriend of her's for the next three days... and I don't care anymore! Her son is a shiftless High School dropout who doesn't have a job and apparently doesn't want to go out and find one...and I don't care anymore! I'll tell you some things I do care about though. I care about people telling their children to grow up and take responsibility for their lives! I care about people giving me a chance to explain what I am trying to tell them without jumping to conclusions and freaking out! I care about those who also show concern for me and who respect me and what I advise them to do! (My marriage is showing signs of failure. Sometimes I wish I'd never done it. I love my wife...but she doesn't care enough for me to do the right things about money or to tell her soon to be 20 year old shiftless son to get out and get a life and a job!) I used to be very concerned about my walk and my life and about helping others...but lately...God help me... I just don't seem to care anymore!

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Published: Apr 15 2008 07:50:32pm

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Samantha Shemer (@youaregolden)

I have been there... Just at the point where I don't care anymore. But God has had to smack me upside the head so many times to make me realize it doesn't matter how I feel, or how people are acting. I used to act the same way before God working in my heart, before I was changed by Christ. If anything I was worse than all those people. And to think, Jesus was betrayed, and cursed by so many men, but He still loved them enough to give them a second chance. I don't want to be harsh, I know I am no one to abmonish you, but ... you are a Christian right? God calls us to love, right? Well, then, go out and love like there is no tomorrow. No more of the pity party they do nothing for God. Brother, I know how it feels, you just don't want to try anymore. We can't let the devil win. We already have the voctory in Christ. Stand up and fight brother! I am praying for you! YSIC, -Golden

Kirk M+ (@blessings2you)

Of all the points to get to in this life, there is perhaps none worse than the "I don't care" stage. I do not know you or your situation, but I have to believe you would not have taken the time to write this if you didn't still care a little bit.
To say "I don't care" is to imply apathy. Apathy means you don't mind what the outcome is. I would pray that you still care enough about the people involved to be concerned with how this all turns out.
There is a huge difference between being angry at the way a situation is going vs. being apathetic about it. I would certain exhort you to talk to someone and get the anger out so you can honestly evaluate what is going on and make wise decisions instead of emotional ones.
Jesus Christ would exercise forgiveness and I would pray you can forgive and approach what is going on with renewed faith in a positive outcome instead of giving up. For the bottom line to saying "I don't care" is that it is a sign of surrender/ giving up. You don't strike me as the type who would give up easily.
Praying for the best for you and your relationship.

Andrea Lynn (@allforhim)

First, let me say I do know how you feel! I have been there, too many times I am afraid to admit. Anger = Fear. I hear anger in your blog, not apathy. Things just aren't turning out the way you want and you are angry. But inside anger is fear, and anger is a perceived loss to self. Your focus is on other people and how they disappoint you rather than on Christ. And when we put our focus on people, things, circumstances, we will ALWAYS be disappointed, but if our focus is on Christ, Him crucified, for us, for the way WE disappoint people, for our sin, it changes our perspective. I suggest you search your heart and focus on your behavior, seek to repent, fully repent of the attitudes and then put on Christ. Seek Him in everything, in the people you come in contact with, traffic, etc. He is there and if your mind is focused on Him, you can look to the lost hurting people who disappoint you, as those who are also in need of His love and grace. I am praying for you dear brother. Blessings! Andrea

Vic Seay (@vicseay)

I want you all to know how much I appreciate your taking time to advise me about this problem. I guess in a way I was having a "pity-party"! And it is true that sometimes we are guilty of making things the way they are by OUR behavior. No...I haven't been putting on Christ or acting like He would have us. Please pray for me that I would take all of your good comments to heart and avoid this attitude in the future.

Michael Scarim (@mikejs)

I think the one thing that you need to keep in mind is your not fighting these people that you see and talk to. Satan knows that you are trying to get your life straight. And anytime you step out for God, satan will step in the way. And he will use the people close to you. Your wife probably don't even know that satan is using her to get to you. But you have the authority to stop satan in his tracks. I'll be praying for you brother. Mike.

Tracy Carr (@tracytruck)

wow you sound like i have so many times. i have been able to be a lot different since i feel i really do have a relationship with God. when you are able do the three things that help my relationship with God the most. Pray each morrning (that takes a big effort to make sure there is time in the morrning schedule). Stufy Gods word somehow, even if it is Christian radio. Find a God job, there is no God job that is to little. If you do something that draws even one person to seek God you are a awsome winner in my book. God jobs can be some pretty simple thins that are done a church or somewhere, I wish everyone would realize that just the right greating to a hurting person on a Sunday morrning can be a 10. I will pray for you too. Seek that deep relation ship with God, I wish I could tell you how it happened to me or why it did at the time but I do know this, with it I have taken the bumps that you are describing without revenge. That is a big victory for me. And I have been able to keep on loving right thru them. I thank God for his grace, I was a disaster and now that I have asked for his forgiveness he doesn't even remember my sins. Take care of those people the best you can, I know I really struggle with my step son. If you get that one figured out help me.

Tracy Carr (@tracytruck)

as i prayed for your life i think God helped me to think of something i wish i had added to my comment earlier. i'll make it short, i'm sorry the other was long. I know when a person is hurting they are not wanting to read a whole book. Just very recently (even with my relationship with God) i found my self screaming at the top of my lungs at my wife, " i give up, i give up". i was refurring to a situation where she had been keeping me closed out and decived for over a year. after i screamed and kicked things as hard as i could i ran out like i had done with others for most my life. the difference at least now is i did not do anything wrong after that or did i want to. i could not even interest myself in going against God's will. God has sure bless that situation since then. I believe he is blessing my life because i refuse to turn back. Take care and only go forward and when you can, GO FULL THROTTLE !

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