A another look at David and Goliath

As I was asking the Lord for a word I heard him say that there is still more truth to be revealed from I Samuel 17.  As I re-read this account of David and Goliath I could here my exegetical professors from my ministerial training pointing that there are two strands of oral tradition in this chapter.  But thanks to the patient tutoring of the Holy Spirit I have taken out of this mind set way of thinking, from milk to the meat of the word.  Many stay on the intellectual level and are satisfied, but the Holy Spirit is continually seeking to draw you deeper into the Fathers heart through the written word.

As I read the chapter and stood in the counsel of the Holy one I heard the Lord say a number of pertinent truths relating to spiritual warfare.

I heard the Lord say that there is a time to rush into battle and a time to weather the onslaught remaining steadfast.  It appears that this confrontation with Goliath was not the first time that David had been to the battle front and heard the taunts and curses against his God.  Verse 15.  David also had is own tent among the Israelite army.  Verse 54. 

But this day after suffering the humiliation of Goliath for 40 days, David sensed in his spirit that this was the time to do battle and nothing was going to stop him from this confrontation, so he ran eagerly to the battle.

We need to be rightly related to Jesus the commander of our army to know when to attack and when to hold and occupy.  Going into battle without waiting for the command is a suicide mission.  Yet so many of us rush in without first enquiring of the Lord or having a sense in our spirit that now is the golden moment to advance with drawn swords.  1 Samuel 23:2 &4.

As determined as David was to do battle so to was the enemy determined to stop him.  Firstly, his own flesh and blood sought to put him down.  Verse 28.  Eliab, David’s older brother heaped scorn on him.

As we enter into a season of warfare even our own family may mis understand our calling and try to dissuade us from such folly.  This is all the more pointed when members of our loved ones are believers and should be more supportive.  Therefore, do not be surprised if the enemy uses members of your own family to ‘rein’ you in.

Secondly those in command tried to put David in his place as not worthy or qualified.  Verse 33.  We need to be wary that those spiritual advisors who have headship over us can be used by the enemy to halt us from advancing into warfare.  They will point out that you are not theologically qualified, or you have not been one such and such committee long enough.  But graduating in the eyes of your denomination is an enemy diversion.  Resist such push back from your church authorities.

Even when they give their tacit approval  - verse 37; they will try to squeeze you into the denominational mould of religiosity.  Verse 38-39.  In David’s case it was to wear armour as all the other warriors were dressed in such apparel.  A religious spirit brings conformity to a doctrine, set of rules, regulations and denominational dogma.  Have nothing to do with someone else armour but go in the strength of the Lord with his righteous weapons in both hands.

Thirdly, the obvious enemy put downs that you are not good enough, that you are weak, not strong enough, you will fail etc.  Verse 43.  David’s faith in the ability of the Lord was stronger than the curses and wild imaginations being played in his mind.  Verse 45ff. 

David knew this was the day of victory and nothing was going to stop him disobeying the Lords will for David was of a sober mind, steadfast and unwavering.

My pray is that nothing will stop you from entering into your spiritual warfare in the coming days.