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I prophesise that your people who call you by name will have their vindication and that it will come swiftly.  For too long they have been battered down by self-doubt and have never risen into your appointed glory that you have prepared for them.  Open up the windows of heaven O Lord and take away their shame and wash them clean in the waters of holiness.  Close down the endless chatter that they hear in their spirit that they are worthless and of no use in the Kingdom.

Shatter the yoke of poverty that they carry on their shoulders, placed there by the enemy when they were asleep.  Open their eyes that they may see your glory around them and feel the warmth of your, love that continually shines upon them.  Rise them up Lord to take their rightful place as Priests and Kings, clothing them in garments of purple and righteousness.  May those who look upon them be blessed as they see your mercy and glory in their eyes.

Restore to them Father their rightful inheritance that was given to them by the blood of your Son.  Wash them clean and rinse out any filth of mammon that has been allowed to take root in their spirits.  Place their feet on a wide high plain surrounded by your angels of provision, for no longer shall they go hungry for your bread and wine.

Bring them into a place of worship and praise that brings delight to their hearts, a smile to your face, and a quaking to the enemy who can only look on in defeat.  Place into their hands your weapons of righteousness, teaching them how to warfare standing in the victory of the resurrection.  Grant them boldness to rush the enemy taking down the giants that have over powered them in the past, for now they are warriors of the Lord Most High.

Refresh them with your waters of peace and bath their hurts and scars with the balm of Gilead.  Place your table of joy and gladness before them that they may be filled with your presence and love.

I decree and declare this to be so, for the Lord God, is a God of love and mercy, who hears the cry of the righteous and comes swiftly to restore justice.

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