A Political wake up for Gods People


This is a post that I did wish to write and post on social media; therefore, I spent a brief time wrestling with God over this directive.   But the burden was so great on my spirit that I had to humble myself and surrender to the voice and call of the Father.  Obedience is far better than resisting the call of God.

You will come to understand the above stance as you read into the blog.  I know noting about the politics of the USA as I live in New Zealand.  I am not a citizen of the USA and therefore felt unqualified to write this blog.  In fact, I am not a political person at all preferring to keep my eyes on Christ.

As I was asking the Holy Spirit as to the topic that he wished me to blog on next he outlined the following.  As I mentioned above this caused some consternation within my spirit as speaking of President Trump, the November primary’s, and the Christian church in the States did not enthuse me.

But here is what I believe the Holy Spirit was saying.  President Trump is my appointee for I have raised him up into the White House for such a time as we are in now.  Take your eyes off the ‘fleshiness’ of the man and look to me for I have placed him and given him my authority.  I have announced this many times to the church at large but your leaders by and large have ignored my word and have become entangled into the deceit and deception of the satanic liberal left.

I wept, and my heart was grieved as the Holy Spirit brought to remembrance the vicious, nasty and demonic attacks against the office of President and Trumps family.  There is so much hatred for Trump that such viperous hate can only come from the depths of hell.  This President is standing in the gap for the USA and only a few intercessors are with him.  Where are the church leaders and their leadership to fight the demonic pressure building from the Opposition?

Are we not exhorted t0 pray for Kings and those in authority? – 1 Timothy 2:2.  So many who inhabit the doors of churches across the nation are to0 preoccupied with the politics of the moment.  Take you eyes off the media and the news and seek the face and the hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.

I was reading a blog by Chuck Pierce ( Glory of Zion International Ministries )  He clearly stated that Trump is Gods anointed for at least three reasons.

1/ Placing the capital of Israel into Jerusalem.  As foretold in the scriptures which is aligning all nations to Israel for Gods end times plans.

2/ The appointment of a judge to the vacant seat on the Supreme Court, which will set up the Court for righteousness for some time to come.

3/ The USA’s resurgence economy.  It would be inconceivable to see another nations economy overwhelm the world moneys.

I get that President Trump is Gods appointment for this season.  I can see it.  My spirit testifies and my mind agrees.

I was also listening to a blog by Lance Wallnau ( https://lancewallnau.com/blog/ ) in which he shared a meeting that Trump had with a large group of evangelical Christians. Trump was at pains stress that the upcoming primaries must be bathed in prayer for if the Democrats gain an ascendency all the present gains will be overturned.  Furthermore, Trump predicted that the church would be under intense persecution and freedoms would be taken from her.  He was clearly, as I understand it, calling for a mobilization of prayer from the church.

I hear a trumpet call from heaven that we are at a water shed in the political season of America and therefore to the rest of the ‘free world.’  We believers must stop being fractious and come together into a united forced under prayer.  We must take our heads out of the sand and wake up to the plans of the liberal progressives who are being lead by Satan himself.  We must stand together as a united group under God in humility and pray with out ceasing for our Kings and those in authority.

There is a spiritual battle for the political soul of the free world and we are called to put on the armour of God and pray, pray and wrestle for the glory of God to cover the nations as the waters cover the sea.

Beth M @blest ·

There is a spiritual battle for the political soul of the free world and we are called to put on the armour of God and pray, pray and wrestle for the glory of God to cover the nations as the waters cover the sea.

Amen, amen, amen, amen.

Outstanding blog. Thank you for writing it

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree, we do need to pray.