A Prayer for my Speech

The words of the Lord are like honey to my mouth; therefore, I will eat of them with gladness until my appetite can take no more.  Then I will rest on feast on these words for they are my health and prosperity.  They are food to my soul for I cannot live on bread alone.  Help me Father to take time to digest your ‘honey’ and be nourished and strengthen by their sweetness.


As I rest on and in your words may they take on a new lease of life as they become assimilated into my words so that the words, I speak are like honey to those who hear me speak.  Help me to steward my speech so that what passes my lips builds up and edifies those to whom you words are directed. 

If my words are required by you to tear down, then anoint my words with your grace so that even when the words sting my hearers; when they chew down will discover the grace flowing like honey from the centre.

Father allow me to walk in your humility so that the words I speak will not return to you empty and wasteful.  Forgive me Father and discipline my lips if by chance I have spoken out of turn, or in haste, or frustration instead of your grace, resulting in my words losing their honey coating.

Beth M @blest ·

Amen and amen.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this!

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