a prayer of god to his son

Why are you cast down my soul and feel full of despair? Why do the leaders conspire against each other? Why is there so much blackness upon my soul as if I am shut up the belly of a whale? Why do I find that I cannot sleep and find the nights full of terror? Why do I feel tired and worn out?

As I lift up my eyes I do not see happiness but misery and heartache etched into the faces of those that pass by. Where is the peace and hope promised long ago?

The Lord replies from his throne 'I have installed my Son with the earth as his footstool for he has gone through my appointed will of death and resurrection. For there is no other rescue and deliverance than in the name of my Son for I have installed him as Lord of all. Today if you will hearken to his voice I will call you my son/daughter for I will establish peace upon your heart and you will blosoom as a flower in the desert. Listen carefully for it is my word that will bring restoration for as you walk before me with awe and trembling you will certainly hear my voice.'

I have reserved a word for you in my book, a word that will bring boldness and strength to your bones for I the Lord will come to you as your doctor. My words are health and strength to your bones and happiness to your mind. Taste and see that my words are pleasant to the taste, as honey to your lips. As I have foretold I will not leave you nor forsake you for my burden is light and easy to carry.

Come and walk with me for a while as we converse together says the Lord for your sins have been blotted out and your iniquity forgiven. Therefore by wise my children and do not depart from my word which I have kept for you. Turn your face away from despair and serve me with love and fear seeking always to please me as I have pleased you with my grace and mercy and as my Son always pleased me as he walked in my will. For as my word says; 'Blessed is the one who will take refuge in me.'

Lord consider the threats of my enemies and turn them away from me for they have conspired together to muffle the voice of your Son born with in me and my light has been a flickering smoking flame. Now Lord rise up in your indignation and quash the enemies of your Son and allow him to speak through me with clarity and boldness. O Lord light the flame again within my heart and have mercy on me, your child who has tasted of your goodness.

Stretch out your hand to heal and perform mighty signs and wonders for the glory of your name. Fill us with your spirit and wash us clean so that we can live without fear always walking humbly before you. Wash us in your love Lord so that we may learn to love you and others as you have loved us.

I bow my heart in worship and tremble before the Lord of hosts, who is mighty to save.

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Amen wmj! In Christ, Les


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