A Prophets Prayer

Father I long for your word, my heat craves after your word.  O Lord come to me as you did to the prophets of old and reveal your word to me.  I pant after your word for my whole being seeks nourishment from your word.  I am like a thirsty man in the dry wilderness who thinks and dreams of nothing but your word.  Your word sustains me, your word upholds me, your word is like nourishment to me.  I cannot think of nothing but your word coming to me, like as moth is drawn to the light.

I want to press into your word.  I want to seek after your mind.  I wish to feel your heart beat and sense your thoughts.  O Lord share with me your thoughts.  I am hungry for your word for I starve for your words, as they are like food to me.  Father do not leave me hungry, do not let me starve.  Feed me Lord with your word.

Come quickly for I will perish without your word to sustain me.  I need the strength of your word.  I need the energy of your word.  I long for the temple building of your word for my whole being cries out for your word.

I long to hear your word.  I long to see your word.  I long to taste your word.  I long to smell your word.  I long to sense your word.  Come quickly Lord and fill my five senses with your word.  Father I seek that my ears may be saturated with your word.  That my eyes may see nothing but your word.  That my mouth may savour your word.  That my nostrils may have the sweet aroma of your word continually around me.  That I can feel your word everywhere I go.

Lord to not leave me bereft of your word for I will die.  May your word to me mouth be like honey.  May the aroma of your word be like myrrh and frankincense to me.  May your word in my ears be like that of many angels singing in harmony.  May your word to my skin be like a cool caressing zephyr.  May the word in my eyes be like many sparkling gems.

Father pour out your word on me so that I may be a blessing to you and to others.  Let the words of my mouth be like honey to the people around me.  Healing, soothing and sweet.  May the presence of your word around me bring peace wherever I go.  May the aroma of your word linger long with others after I have moved on.  May my eyes sparkle like skilfully cut round brilliant diamonds.

Father hear my cry for I long for your word.  I long to press in, I long to seek, I long to have the door of heaven opened so that your word may be poured out.  Continually give me a hunger for your word.  Smash anything that may raise its head to stop me from hungering after your word.  Create in me a strong unrelenting desire for your word.

Father as the prophets of old moved and lived in your word, I to long to breathe and live in your word.  Father hear my groans and anguish of heart and fill the desire of my heart or I will perish.