A Soldiers Message from their Commander

Now that you have graduated and been sealed with the Holy Spirit to battle the enemy as I have now placed in you a spirit like unto David my warrior King.  Do not become entangled with civilian affairs but seek my face and allow me the be your voice and eyes.  Learn how to please me, but do not neglect to discipline your mind for a soldier on active duty is of a sober mind.  Steadfast and sure, confident in their commander’s ability to issue the correct commands and to provide all the weapons necessary to fight the enemy.

Do not neglect your military warfare drills that I have shown you and continue to practice discerning in the Holy Spirit by seeking my face and asking me for the meaning of this and that.  A sober soldier on active duty has a sober mind for their mind is anchored into the very heart and will of their commanding officer. 

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

"Do not become entangled in civilian affairs..."

Yet that is what I see so many Christians doing here in the US. We are more interested in politics and attacking those who disagree with us than we are about reaching a world that desperately needs Christ. :(