A Time of Gods Goodness


It is time to stop running around like a headless chicken or like a she camel in her heat for this is the season of sober mindedness.  It is time to be serious and take stock of your spiritual condition for the time of flirting with the gods of this world is over.  It is time to face up that having separated the spiritual from the secular is not pleasing to our Father.  For we cannot have a bob two ways, nor can we have a foot in both camps.

God is good always and at this time he is preparing his angels to distribute his goodness into the hearts of those who love him is spirit and truth.  Goodness is the manna from heaven at this time for goodness seeks to be re rebirthed into our hearts.  Open your mouths wide and drink the Goodness of our Heavenly Father.  For it is the Father’s good pleasure that our bodies are alive with the sound of his goodness.

Take stock says the Lord for the measure of my goodness that you receive will be the measure that you give to me.  Be of sober mind, wake up for the days are short and the time is nearer than anyone can conceive.  For this is your salvation – my goodness in you.  Watch, be on alert for my goodness coming into your household born on the wings of my messengers.  For once again the land will burst forth into the goodness of the Lord as my people reap and sow goodness into the land.

Goodness will drive out the enemy for he cannot dwell in goodness.  He will run before you with his tail between his legs as he you pursue him into the sea.  Then I will relent and show considerable favour and upon the land for the land will be at rest and peace.  I will pour a double spirit upon the sons and daughters; young men and women will rise up and take large amounts of territory as my kingdom grows and covers the nations.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·