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Well it is now 2019 New Year’s Day, and all sorts of resolutions and predictions are rising forth, so much so that I have tended in the past years to not even bother to go down this pathway.  As much as I had promised to myself, the Lord has cut cross my thoughts with a word of his own for the New Year.  I was waiting in the Holy Spirit seeking a word for the believers when I heard the Lord speak to me saying that he has prepared a race before us.

Each of us, who call upon the name of the Lord in faith believing that he exits and rewards those who diligently seek him with all their heart needs to listen up.  Set before us is a race that is our race to be run that is unique to each believer.  As we enter into 2019 there is a choice  - will we run our own race ignoring the one set before us by the One who loves us with a never-ending love?  Our name written in the lane; will you take your marks?  Will we have the faith and trust to abandon our plans and run with the Lords plans?

As I was hearing this word, I received two dreams where there was an urgency to pick up our lions and run before the clock struck two.  Twice I had the same dream, waking at 2.22am on the last one.  I could not escape that the numeral two was a word from the Father.  Two in the scriptures speaks of separation, division and a parting.  As I was digesting this, I sensed in my spirit that either Isaiah, Jeremiah or Ezekiel 2:22 was significant.

Isaiah jumped out before me  - ‘Stop trusting in mere humans, who have but a breath in their nostrils. Why hold them in esteem?’

The race set before us is to be one of separation from our trust, reliance and faith in human wisdom.  Maybe we have to let go some relationships that we have carried in the past years?  Maybe we have to stop listening to the advice and prognosis from the experts.  Believers it is time to return to the Lord, our first love and cease from the worlds wisdom.  Cling to the Lord and be separate.  2019 must be a year of deep calling to deep; of love calling to love, of holiness calling to holiness.

Intimacy is the word from the Holy Spirit for this coming year.  To be intimate with someone there needs to be a separation unto that person.  Total focus, total trust.  We talk of being in a relationship with Christ and that is correct; but a relationship is not intimacy.  We need to love the Lord our God with all your strength, with your total heart, with your total soul, with your total mind, your total person totally separated unto Christ.

Will be step up to the mark and run the race set before us designated for us from the beginning of time?  Separating ourselves from the world becoming total engulfed in Christ?  There is an urgency upon this word, an urgency that I have not sensed and felt before.

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I agree.


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