A word for October 2018

As I was searching for word to release to the church I heard the Lord say, “It is finished.”  I was immediately taken to those immortal words of Christ from the cross and I knew instinctively that the message to the believers was to parallel Calvary.

I caught the Lord saying in my spirt that the season that we have been walking in is finished.  We are now coming into a new season and this month is the changeover.  All our endeavours over the past are coming into finality, as Jennifer LeClair has prophesied this is the month when the all things from the past will come to a head.  The past is finished.  As Jesus’s mission of three years was finished culminating with the cross; so, to our works of grace are now finished.

Hence, we must release our walk of the past season into the hands of the King, who controls all things in heaven and on the earth.  We must surrender all that we have achieved for the kingdom, all the relationships that we have formed to advance the kingdom; for all of the past is finished. 

October is a month of transition from one season into another and as in any transition we are vulnerable to ‘picked off’ by the enemy.  For as in the case of Jesus who sensed an abandonment from the Father we to will feel isolated from the Father, therefore we must steel ourselves to commit our spirit to the Lord.  We must also stay in the word for this will be our anchor, solace and strength.

During this time when we feel all alone we must guard against doubt, confusion and condemnation for the enemy will use any un-ethical ‘below the belt’ tactic.  This past week I have come down with ‘out of this world’ severe cold for no reason and a broken tooth out of left field.  This has caused angst in my mind which I have needed to take a firm strong stand, based on His word against these ‘sucker punches.’  It has been a terrific all-night wrestling match.

Those who can walk through this time of transformation and apparent abandonment will emerge into another season of resurrected life that is more glorious than the former.  There will be new assignments, new callings, new alliances and a spirit that has been brought closer to the heart of the Father and fuller maturity into Christ.  There will be a new method of walking in the spirit in some cases.  The emphasis is on a new and glorious spiritual sphere under the Lordship of Christ.

Beth M @blest ·

Well, I've been slapped upside the head by the enemy. Out of left field.
Pretty much a KO but you are right. Time to give it all to the Lord

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Over and over again for the past few months I have been constantly reminded by God that He is doing a "new thing". In fact, my prayers have been such, asking God to do a new thing!