Acceleration and a Quickening of God

The Hebrew New Year which began on the eve of September 9th will be the most defining year I these end times.  It is no mistake that Rosh Hashanah begins on the 9th day of the 9th month of the Gregorian calendar in the year 2018.  How many nines are there in this beginning date.  Nine is a defining number in this the Hebrew New Year signifying Gods fullness and judgement.  The

Hebrew year 5779 will be a year like no other before it.

As  was mediating on this understanding of nine I heard the Holy Spirit repeat to me a number of times the word Acceleration.  Whenever I asked the Lord for a word for this posting the word Acceleration was clearly heard in my spirit.  This I believe is why I can say that this year will be a defining year as the acceleration of Gods dealings with us will speed up and increase.  There will be an increase in unprecedented turnarounds, vindication, honour, recompense, reconciliation, and redemption as the Lord births his acceleration into our hearts.  Blessings will increase, healings and cures will accelerate, Gods favour will become a rushing wind as on the day of Pentecost.

In fact, the book of Acts is a breathless rush into the plans of God for the early church.  Multiple healings, suddenlies by the dozen, multitudes coming to salvation, thousands being filled with the spirit.  Peter suddenly finds himself in ‘straight street;’ suddenly the Holy Spirit falls on the people.  Suddenly the gospel is being poured out on the Gentiles.  Acts is a breathless rush into Gods blessings

I also heard the Lord say, ‘as in the beginning so shall it be in the end.’  Acceleration of the Lords dealings with his chosen people will increase the closer we come to the Lords return.  There is a school of thought that explains the acceleration in Acts as like a rocket propelling the church into orbit.  Now that the church is comfortably circling in orbit there is no need for a quickening.  Wrong; wrong.  Lift your eyes to heaven and embrace Gods rushing wind of acceleration.

But before we feel all goosepimply we need to remember, with a sober mind that as the Lords dealings will begin to accelerate and increase so to will the enemy rise to equal the Holy Spirts activity.  Yes, this year 5779, will not be for the faint hearted as we will have a roller coaster ride with the quickening of the spirit world.  A year of birthing and battles.

God is calling his children to align themselves with his acceleration and embrace this word.  To use a business term – ‘to buy into’ this quickening as his word is birthed into our hearts.  May we press into this speeding up and quickening, contending for it and praying it into birth into our hearts.

Breakthroughs will speed up, breakouts will hasten, chains will quickly be released, broken hearts will quickly be cured, Gods word will speed over the waters, fires of deliverance will break out across multiple nations at an alarming rate, visitations from Gods messengers will multiply.  This will be a breath-taking year of a heightened rush towards the final day of judgement.

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Next week my pastor is beginning a sermon series on the Book of Acts and as of last Sunday we have been challenged to read a chapter a day from the Acts. We would all do well to do so, remembering that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! (Hebrews 13:8) Our World needs a miracle and the only one who can heal the broken-hearted and set the captives free, the only one who can heal and transform lives is Jesus Christ.


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