An Important Prophetic Word for the Apocalypse

All week long the Holy Spirit has been saying to me that God is raisin an Army.  As I listened I realized that the Spirit was fleshing out the implication and further notifications that I had not even realized, let alone imagined.  I heard the Holy Spirit say, that the word of the Lord is assembling a gathering of saints into a mighty army that more than resembles the prophecy in Joel

I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit say that this army is being assembled now; but once the surrendered ones hear the call they will not hear any further call, for this is to be a test of the ‘called ones’ commitment.  The army that the Lord is assembling will have proven perseverance and focus.  Those that grew weary waiting for a further word will be dropped out, for their stamina is not sufficient for this division of the Lords army.

I also heard the Holy Spirit say that this army will be called the ‘Intercessors of the King.’  Throughout the nations, these ‘called out ones’ are being assembled to be the ‘sword of the spirit,’ thrusting deep into enemy territory as they plunder the strongholds and the high places in society.  I sense that New Zealand will be first in this, ‘in-gathering’ as the Lord has a special call upon this insignificant nation that is a pimple on the world map and ignored by most.

North America & Europe will follow the island nations as their rich spiritual heritage and sacrifice over the centuries has been acknowledged by the Father.  This army of intercessors will wage war with the beast; with the emerging nations persecuted church, being drafted into the elite special forces for their spilled blood cries out for revenge.

This army of intercessors who will stand on the wall will have a twofold mission.  They will be responsible under the Lord to bring in ‘kingdom principles’ and to crush the fires of the evil one that can break out soon.  For they will be called ‘fire-fighter intercessors,’ planted as oaks of righteousness in the hot spots of the nations.  They will also be in love with Gods chosen nation and will align the nations into and under the covering of Jerusalem.


Terri Swanson (guest) ·

Thank you for your posts, dear brother in Christ. The Spirit is moving the hearts of believers to be aware of what the prophecies are saying. Some of what you are blogging about have been in my heart, and also in my sister's heart, happening at the same time as the Spirit moves like that which shows the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Don't give up! Keep blogging even if it is only a few who read your blog, it strengths other's faith to keep moving forward in the battle against evil

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