Another look at the Armour of God passage.

As I was studying, and hopefully rightly dividing the passage in Ephesians 6 concerning the armour, I clearly heard the Holy Spirit say, that you first must be strong in the Lord before you put the armour on.

Bear with me as I share this revelation as I turned to look more intently at the passage.  I noticed that verse 10 of the chapter speaks on being strong; then in verse 11 it speaks of putting the armour on.  First be strong; then put the armour on.  Not as I believe many of us are prone to do.  At the hint of a battle we put on the armour hoping that by doing so we will become strong.

“Be strong’ is a passive command in that when we rise up to do battle the strength comes not from us choosing to be strong, but from the Lord himself.  The Holy Spirt was very clear on this point.  We have to act first in that we have to choose to rise up and fight.  The choice is in our hands.  Unless we chose to fight we will not be imbued with the Holy Spirit power.  Not being willing to stand up and fight results in defeat, capture and plunder by the enemy.  A plundered believer is a distressing sight before God.

Secondly, I heard the Holy Spirit say that putting the armour is a declaration of our legal standing in the spiritual world.

The belt of truth = Christ in us and we in Christ.  We are co-heirs with Christ in that what belongs to Christ belongs to us.  We are blessed with all spiritual blessing in heavenly places.  ( Ephesians 1:3 )

Breastplate of Righteousness = Christ righteousness is now our righteousness.  We have been made un touchable by the curse, taunts and the wild imaginations of the enemy.

On our feet the Gospel of Peace = There is now no enmity between God and ourselves for although we were once estranged from God we have now been made one in Him and therefore one with Christ and one with the Holy Spirit.  Our life is now hid in Christ and we dwell in the heavenlies with Christ.  ( Ephesians 2:6 )

Taking the Shield of Faith = Not our faith, for now we have the Faith of Christ that has become our faith, a gift from our Father to enable us to stand steadfast unmovable, unshakable and unwavering that we have the victory. ( Galatians 2:20 )

Helmet of Salvation = We have been redeemed, set free, translated out of darkness into Light, healed, delivered, set apart, made holy, sanctified, justified by the spilled blood of Jesus Christ; whose blood speaks louder than all the bulls and lambs ever sacrificed past present and future.

It is interesting that prior to this revelation I have found myself fighting recent battles in like manner.  I rise up choosing to do battle, and in doing so I feel a surge of Holy Spirits presence upon me.  I advanced to the enemy declaring my legal position as I pick up the sword and begin to swing.  Praying in the spirit I receive holy intelligence and commands from the Commander in Chief.

Victory is mine says the Lord for I am with you and the battle is mine to win.


PS - It is interesting to note that my earliest first few blogs on CB were on this very passge.