Are Apostles and Prophets like Snake Oil to the Church

I can remember a discussion CB engaged in several years back, and folk who were with the site then, will recall that we blogged back and forth over the question of the prophetic office.  This debate was recalled to me the other day as I was researching Google.  I read that the office of apostle and prophet, were not relevant today and in fact if you espoused to such a belief you were in error.

These thoughts have come seeping back into my spirit today as I waited in the Holy Spirit for a topic for this blog.  At one time I would have stood on the fence over this topic as my four years of theological training tended to swamp what I sensed was true.  Of late I have come to know and experience the truth that the office of apostle and prophet have relevance in todays church.  In fact, I cannot deny that the Holy Spirit has used me many times to be Gods mouth-piece

This change of understanding warns me that we must not and cannot become rigid and fixed in our minds relating to the things of scripture and Gods ways.  Yes, those aspects of doctrine that pertain to salvation are non-negotiable but to walk in the spirit entails an open mind to receive more of God.  Some call this by the fancy title of ‘progressive revelation.’  But ‘what-ever’ the scriptures speak of growth in our Christian walk.  The bible uses terms like progressing from milk to meat, and uses terms such as renewing our mind and to have the mind of Christ.  May we never become closed to the Holy Spirit, but test each spirit, and despise not the workings of the Holy Spirit.

But back to the prophetic for as we are aware there is much false and charlatan prophetic words in the cypher space at the moment, that many are being swept into the arms of error.  Discernment is the greatest gift one can long and pray for today.

But the true test of a prophetic word we have been taught is twofold.  Does the prophetic word come true and we need to take note of the fruit of the prophet?  It is my belief that these tests are flawed.

The first test is loosely based on a primary function of an OT prophet, that of fore-telling, whereas the primary function of a NT prophet is to encourage, exhort and strengthen the saints.  1 Corinthians 14:3. Hence in today’s body of Christ the prophetic word is primarily for the building up the body unto the head which is Christ.

The second test fails to understand the scriptural principle in Romans 11:29, which reads in the NIV - for God’s gifts and his call are irrevocable; or as the KJV reads: without repentance.  Therefore, this is not a reliable test, and besides one needs to have spent time with the person who is prophesying which is impossible through social media.

I believe the only reliable guide to test the prophetic word is to ask and seek the Lord for discernment, not only for yourself but for the church world-wide.  Secondly to spend time ‘in the word,’ a cliché I know; but true.  I do not mean memorizing texts but immersing yourself in the mind of God; how he speaks, how he acts, how he relates to us, how he responds to the nations, how he thinks etc.  In other words, forming the mind of Christ within our mind.

Forming the mind of Christ is achieved through surrender of self and pressing into the mind of Christ and reading the scriptures, for then you will be more equipped to discern the spirit behind any prophetic word.

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