Are you really a Christian

Well I thought I was; as I was doing all the right moves and attitudes that was expected of me.  I was a model church member who could do no wrong.  I had gone forward at an alter call and was water baptised into the local Baptist church, taught in Sunday School, was a lieutenant in the Boys Brigade and a senior leader in the youth group.

That was until I become acutely unwell and spent a month in hospital.  It was there on a particular day that I railed against God for allowing me to be incapacitated.  What happened next I describe it as my Damascus Road experience. 

Something happened that caused me to weep bitterly as I saw myself as filthy rags and a hypocrite before God and I sensed a re birth / change in my innermost being.  There was a change in the rooms atmosphere as I realized something significant had taken place and I knew that I would be changed from then on in.

So in answer to the question: -

I thought I was – to I knew I was not – to now I know for sure.

 John Knox
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K Reynolds+

This is a great example that we can "do all the right things" but that is not what transforms our heart.

Les B+

Super and one I hear repeated so many times over the years. Thank you wmj.