Arise O you Gate Keepers

A few days ago, I was in the Lords presence and I overheard the Holy Spirit say, ‘Watch the Gates.’  I immedicably thought of Isaiah chapter 6 where a similar conversation was a challenge, as to whom would step up.  In this light of revelation, I believe the Lord is seeking those who would surrender themselves to be the Lords ‘gate keepers’ over their cities and towns.

In the Old Testament times the gates of a city were hugely important, for those who controlled the gates controlled and ruled over that city.  But not only where the gates a place of passage in and from the city, they were also a large area of communal gatherings.  Between the outer gate and inner gate there was a courtyard where Kings sat and held counsel.2 Samuel 19:8.  The area was also a centre of trade.  2 Kings 7:1.  It was also a place where justice was administered and the elders debated and discussed issues pertaining to the town or citizens. Proverbs 31:23  The area, much likened to a town square was used for public declarations, particularly the prophets.  Jeremiah 17:19.

God is calling forth those from the elect who would consecrate themselves to watch over, in prayer, their cities and towns gates.  To pray that the enemy will not inhabit the gates of your city.  Pray that justice will be administered in the gates of your city.  As you pray you will hear the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom will I send?’

God is seeking those who are willing to stand in the gates and proclaim his message to that city.  Be not like Jonah, who when called, tried to out run the Holy Spirit.  As you stand in the gates who will be witnesses to a mighty move of Gods wind and fire as it sweeps down upon the gates and into the streets.  So much so will be the force of Gods move, that people will turn their heads to see the glory of the Lord walking down the streets, in the malls and alleyways.

This call is not for everyone but for those who have been given a mantle and a burning burden for their city.  Let us pray that the Lord will rise up gate keepers who will stand in the market place and bring a presence of Gods love and glory into the heart of the city.

There is coming a time says the Lord that I will re enter into my cities with vengeance, justice and love.

Beth M @blest ·

May that time be soon

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

I pray for His guidance to step up to be whom He wants us to be and to stand where He wants is to stand. In Jesus name. Amen

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

May we pray for our communities... and demonstrate our love as well.


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