Armour of God -conclusion

Finally we come to the last piece of armour

Next; “take the sword of the Spirit,,,,,,,” This is the Word of God – much discussion is made over the use of the Greek word –Rhe ma instead of Logos, with some commentators saying there is no difference and others saying the choice of word is significant. I believe the choice is very important as again the father of all lies has convinced us there is no difference.

Rhe ma is akin to the spoken word of God and is translated as such. This is seen in Rom. 10v17 where message and the word – rhema are used together. Likewise in the temptation of Jesus when Jesus says; “Man does not on bread alone but every word that comes from the mouth of God – Rhema is used here. To me the use by Paul of Rhema in Ephesians is important, for the sword is not a random selection of scripture, but a God breathed word that is filled with the power and spirit of God, a word that cuts asunder to the very quick.

If the word is not Gods spoken word to you in your situation then our sword is a blunt instrument and Satan prevails. Note that Paul says the Sword of the Spirit, not the Sword of the Word/Doctrine/Bible/Commands etc and spirit means breathe that is the breath of God which quickens the word to you. In the book of Ezekiel the phrase “the word of the LORD came to me :” occurs 60 times – this is how we use the sword of the spirit. We look and expect in faith to hear the word of the Lord.

Finally the armour that we have put on is not complete without – “Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion ” V 18. It is significant to note that in the Greek there is no Article before spirit; hence it is written - “in Spirit.” It is also interesting to note that the instruction to pray is placed after the “putting on of the armour.” What does this tells us? Firstly effective prayer is praying with the armour on, and secondly prayer must be led by the spirit as we do not know how we should pray and what words to use. Rom. 8 v26. I am aware that some traditions of the body of Christ see this phrase as “praying in tongues” but this is to narrow an understanding.

May God encourage you to wear your armour at all times for the devil is like a roaring lion seeking to devour all of Gods children; therefore stand firm and he will flee from you.

I pray that you have been blessed by this study has much as I have.