As a Child we find Gods Kingdom

Lord where do I begin as there is so much to cover and so may understandings” The Lord said, “I will help you.”

With my time at Theological college I read may books and discussed many lectures on the Kingdom of God and if I remember rightly there was an exam question for one of my papers concerning the Kingdom. But God has been slowly and painfully removing any trust I had in my intellectual understanding of the scriptures and has been teaching me to trust his Spirit for guidance.

Not that I hasten to add, I have succeeded as it is still a work in progress. But oh what a relief when I do not have to trust my understanding and try and recall my lectures, which are only repeating dry as the dust words that have no life. Gods word is a living instrument and as we have been told God does not call us the study the scriptures but to experience and live the words of the text.

It is sooo easy to dissect the kingdom using our worldly training and understanding and my college training has proven this.

Having cleared this off my chest the Lord pressed upon my spirit this saying of Jesus as recorded by Luke when the Pharisees asked Jesus about the Kingdom – Jesus replied, "The kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, 21 nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you."
To add to this he said to Nicodemus, who had come to him in secret, as recorded by John in his gospel. "I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again of water and the Spirit.”

In both these instances Jesus is not speaking of an earthly Kingdom, of which Jesus did speak concerning as coming in the future. Here we have a spiritual kingdom where Jesus is to reign in our hearts as King and we his subjects are to serve and obey him.

Here we have to be careful with these two terms – serve and obey, for if we are not careful we will find ourselves teaching and operating under a system of works and back under the Old Covenant. Under an earthly King the inhabitants of his kingdom served the king out of a sense of fear, loyalty and a feeling of ‘this is what I am supposed to do’ – call it a sense of duty. Under the new Covenant we serve our King under a different Modus Operandi.

Because of the work of the cross, where Gods grace and love has been freely given the question of obedience and service should not be an issue. To understand this we must look to the relationship Jesus has with God, his Father. There are two aspects of his relationship with his Father that we must grasp.

Firstly Jesus and his Father were one. Secondly Jesus loved his Father. Once we can grasp these two aspects, by a complete surrender of our ego and worldly understanding, and a renewing of our minds then, and only then can we really say that the Kingdom of God has been born within us. Then, and only then, will there be no question of a concept of obedience and duty. Why? Because Gods unconditional love, will be our love, and because our spirits, soul and body will be intertwined with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Therefore we will speak and act like we are totally united and cannot be separated as we have grown up unto the Jesus, and his fullness dwells within us. Therefore we live not by our faith but by the faith of Jesus Therefore we walk not by sight but by faith. His words are our words. His love is our love because God first loved us and died for us. With this child like faith we can move mountains and God can use us mightily in these last days

At this point we can truly say that Jesus reigns in our hearts as King, for the Kingdom of God dwells with in you. At this point others can say the Kingdom of God is among us.

The scriptures tell us that we are Gods temple, cannot we not say we are Gods palace where King Jesus sits’ on his throne and reigns supreme?