August is the Month of Payback

I believe that we are about to enter into a season of Gods favour and glory, for the time of sifting is about to end.  For as the Israelites walked round Jericho 7 times before the walls came down so to is your time of walking round your walls coming to and end.  Blow the trumpets you intercessors for the time has come for the walls to come down and for the bold to enter into a time of glory and prosperity.  August is the month of prosperity says the Lord for those who will call upon me at this time with open hears and a sincere voice.

Prosperity belongs to me says the Lord for I will repay what the enemy has stolen from you for am I not a God who gives generously with open arms and love.  To those who will call on my name in this month and with patience have endured the taunts of the enemy as you have walked round the walls of you stolen prosperity; look up for your recompense is nigh.

I know that you are weary from walking round the walls of the wealth that I have decreed for you says the Lord; but press on for now is the time to call on me when you hear the horn calling forth.  Have I not told you that wealth and prosperity are in my hands says the Lord?  Rich prosperity belong to my children says the Lord, to those who loved me and walk in righteousness and paths of justice.

Stretch out your spear towards the walls for I have given what belongs to you and boldly shout; ‘This is for the Lord and me.’  These are the blessings that were promised to believers made righteous in Christ through the seed of Abraham.  Rise up for this month is not the time to be wondering ‘why’ and ‘what ifs.’  Rise up and call on the name of the Lord and claim what is yours through the Yes and Amen imbedded in Christs blood.

Do not look back as Lots wife but run into your glory and riches knowing that the blood of Jesus speaks much louder than all the taunts, curses and lies of the enemy.  Have I not said that this is season of open doors?  No, it is more than open doors says the Lords, for this is now the season of double open doors that are accelerating.

Rejoice before me as you walk into my grace through the doors of glory that I have set before you, for this will be a time of thanksgiving, praise, worship and humbleness over shadowed with a new reverence and fear for me says the Lord of hosts.

Renee Zimmerman Aka Evie White @reneez ·

"...for the time has come... for the bold to enter into a time of glory and prosperity." What a welcome word for everyone who has known the cost that comes with being bold. He is worthy!

May we ever experience new reverence and awe as come to know Him more fully!

John, thank you so much for this encouraging word.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

As I read your blog I was thinking about how often people equate the word prosperity with material wealth but true prosperity is so much more than that! God desires His people to truly thrive.