Authority and Power my Understanding

This teaching is followed by a prophetic word.

Jesus has given us all power and authority to cast out the demonic, heal the sick and in so dong bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.  I have been wrestling with these two terms power and authority.  Are they the same or can they be separated? 

When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases,  Luke 9:1   NIV

Authority comes from the Greek word exousia; meaning in the sense of one having ability.  Adam was given authority over the earth; he was given dominion over creation.

Power comes from the Greek word dynamis; meaning strength, force.

Jesus by virtue if being Gods begotten Son was invested with His Fathers authority , limited only by being submissive to the Father in that he only did and said what God was doing and saying while here on earth.  Cf John 12:49  I do not hold to the view that Jesus only received his authority after the resurrection, implying that he was 'authority-less' while on earth.

Jesus had authority but was powerless until he was called into his period of ministry beginning with his baptism in the Jorden by John.  There the heavens opened, and the Spirit descended upon him and a voice from heaven declaring him God's beloved Son.  Jesus was anointed at this point with power to enable his authority to be effective.

What does this mean for us, his disciples?  We received Gods authority by being born again and becoming sons and daughters of the King.  As Kings and Priests, we have God given authority.  Although we have this in born authority it is of no effect without the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  In that, we to need to experience Jesus' baptism. 

Jesus did not loose his anointing while here on earth, but we can loose our anointing/power.  I believe that we, like Jesus do not loose our authority but we can easily loose our anointing.  Once we move out from an attitude of humility, surrender and servanthood our anointing and power is diminished.

Bringing heaven on earth without power renders our authority laughable.  Yet many believers function this as disciples of the King.  It is like going into battle with the generals authority but having no weapons to capture the stronghold.

We need to be continually being baptised in the spirit.  The Holy Spirit must reside over us at all times.  The presence of Gods Spirit must be around us like a bubble.  We need to be conscious and continually aware of Gods Spirit upon us.

We need to ponder on these words.

I hear the Lord saying that he has set doors before us in this new era and we are to seek out these doors.  These are new doors that have not been opened but now is the time to set these portals before us says the Lord.  These doors are 'mouth' doors in that, those who push open and enter in will be given prophetic utterances in keeping with this seasons says the Lord.  Today is the time of the voice.  The voice of God will be heard around the earth as my believers step over the doorstep of my doors says the Lord. 

For I will put my voice into their mouth, and they will go forth with my words coming from their lips.  For this will be the day of my voice says the Lord of Hosts.  My voice will thunder from heaven through my servants and the earth will melt, the nations will be in an uproar; but those who hear my voice and stand, will be comforted.  This will be a time of financial insecurity and free fall but those with my voice will be protected, for they will be my glory.  My light will shine from their mouths and my fire will proceed from their lips in season.  The earth and heaven will shake, and the nations will stumble as they are brought low.  My word says the Lord will be overall.

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Thank you for the good word John. Prayers as you seek God's anointing in this time of trial.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

You wrote: "I do not hold to the view that Jesus only received his authority after the resurrection, implying that he was 'authority-less' while on earth."

Neither do I.

"Once we move out from an attitude of humility, surrender and servanthood our anointing and power is diminished."

Absolutely so in order to regain it we must remember 1 John 1:9, repent and get back on track.

I agree with Les. Good word!

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