Bearing Abundant Fruit

Our problem is “How do we produce this good fruit?

Firstly we must remain in the vine – we are the branches that have been grafted into the vine. Jesus is the vine we are the branches.*

Secondly our focus is on growing and drawing our nourishment from the vine. We do this by the words of Jesus remaining in us.

Thirdly we allow the gardener to prune the branches so they can produce more fruit. We do this by counting it all joy when we suffer for righteousness. This is called being discipline by the Father.

One important truth becomes clear as we focus on these words- we do not grow fruit by focusing on producing fruit. The branch that bears grapes does not concern itself about whether the fruit will be large or small or what colour or variety. The branch only concerns itself with staying in the vine and drawing food from the vine.

Once our focus has been drawn away from the source of our spiritual food, we begin to wither and a withered branch will be cut down, gathered up and thrown into the fire. We have been duped by the enemy to focus on growing fruit. No; this is incorrect for our focus is on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, otherwise we have stepped back into the rule of Law.

  • John 15
Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

A most important point. Staying focused on the author and finisher of our faith. He produces the fruit as we rest in Him. Good blog. God keep you.