Brothers Sisters we are in a war Zone

This word is as much a confession of mine as it is a warning to the body of Christ.  I have only come to this revelation by the glorious grace of the Father over the last decade.  Not even my theological and ministerial training covered this beautiful truth.  This is a wake-up call to the church that we are in a battle; a spiritual battle that many believers; of which I was one, have abdicated. 

Over the past few blogs I have hinted at this battle that only a few believes are aware of, but I feel by the word of the Holy Spirit to sound a clarion call to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. 

The Bible in Ephesians 6 states very clearly that we wrestle, and we wrestle some more.  The Bible also says that we are ‘to fight the good fight of the faith.’  Paul says that he does not fight like a boxer punching the air.  The Bible says that the weapons that we fight with are not worldly.  Timothy is reminded to fight the battle well.  Paul says, ‘I have fought the good fight, I have run the race.’

My brothers and sisters why are so many in the church not engaged in spiritual warfare of some kind?  Like in my case; is it because they have not been taught?  Like myself, I used to believed that God would fight my battles for me in a supernatural wand wavering explosion while I sat by and watched.  I have since come to the understanding that this theological position is a deception.

Is it because many in the church have lost their ‘first love?’  Maybe it is because many disciples have surrendered to the enemy and have laid their weapons down and are now captives of Satan.

I have had this wake-up call by the glorious grace of God that we must rise up, stand firm with our armour on and confront the enemy before he gains a foot hold in over our mind.  We must have a ‘God given hatred’ for the taunts, curses and oppression from the enemy, much like the ‘boy David’ who called out Goliath as uncouth and obnoxious and needed to be disposed of.

My warfare training has come from the Holy Spirit supplemented with teaching from VLOGS, books and anointed teachings.  One truth I have realised is that the more one seeks to press into the Fathers heart the more oppression one will come against.  Hence under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit one learns how to fight and discern the enemies’ tactics.

Maybe this is why many believers do not recognize that they are in a war zone – just saying.  One aspect that I do know; is that if we are not standing up and fighting the good fight of the faith we are short changing the Father.  Before the foundation of the world we were called forth in Christ to perform good works bringing glory to the Father.  By surrendering to the enemy, I suspect that we are grieving the Father’s heart.  Not only causing the Father to weep over us, but we are not walking in the fulness of life that has been promised to us.

I would not like to stand before the throne and try to explain to our Father why we did not fight for the faith that cost the death of his only Son. 

Are we like Caleb and Joshua, or are we like the 10 spies? - too fearful to confront our giants?  No one likes to be called a wimp; but many believers who worship in our churches are acting like a cowardly Christians knowing, that Gods arm is too short to save them.

I pray that we may all stand up with fight in our heart throwing off the shackles of the enemy, knowing that the battle will be the Lords, but that we have to stand firm swinging our swords.

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God's Word clearly states that we are in a battle and we must never forget that. Jesus is Victor, yes, but the Word of God also clearly states that we are not merely fortified, we are equipped to fight!


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