Come let us walk together

The Lord your saviour says Come to me and walk with me on the path that you are on.  See here is my hand take my hand and walk with me along this pathway.  I have longed to walk with you and to hold your hand, for I delight in your ways and I wish to share your thoughts.  Come walk with me and listen to my voice, for I have much to share with you.  Let us commune together as we walk hand in hand.

When we come to a river, I will build a bridge.  When the slop causes you to puff deeply, I will supply my breathe and I will make the pathway smooth.  Stretch out your legs and come with me, for I have much to share with you.  When we come to a valley I will fill in the valley and cause the mountains to be removed.  No longer will you face which corner to turn, for I will guide you as we walk together.  If we need to run I will run with you.

Any door that we face we will go over the threshold together, for no longer will you wait at a portal wondering how to open the gate.  I will make the rough pathways so smooth that you can almost glide over them.

As we walk together hand in hand I have much to share with you.  I will delight in telling you stories of yester-year how I overcame the darkness, so that you can be encouraged and strengthened.  Can you fell my resurrected power flowing into your hand, as we walk and share together?  Can you fell and sense my love and grace surrounding us?

I am enjoying walking with you; let us continue on hand in hand.

John B. Abela @johnabela ·

Good word and insight into the love of God to take care of His children!

Sorry for the delayed comment... needed to let this one soak/sink in for a few days.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

The blog can direct from Fathers ♥

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Amen! This is indeed a good word.

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