Crossing the River Jordan

Around four days ago I found myself standing on the banks of the Jordan hearing the word of the Lord that we were about to cross over.  With the Lords assistance I crossed over but had to fight many doubts from the enemy, that I had not experienced any great feeling and therefore this was a nothing occasion; worthless steps.  Having fought off the spirits of doubt and unbelief, the Holy Spirit has laid it heavily upon my spirit to read the original account in Joshua 3-4.

As I have now read the narrative recorded in Joshua, I have been privileged to receive from the Holy Spirit the following revelations which I have been encouraged to share.

After leaving the place called Shittim, east of the Jordan, the Israelites camped on the banks of the river which because of the rainy season was in full flood.  After waiting three days the officers went through camp calling the people to be ready to move out.  I was struck by the number three.  They waited three days, not two, four, five or any other period of time.

Coming through a theological college with training in so called ‘higher criticism’ this understanding has been foreign to me.  But the Lord has been  opening my prophetic eyes to see that numbers are hugely significant in the Fathers timing.  Three is a stop sign in the scriptures that indicates an important truth in God’s plan of salvation; in this case – Resurrection.

Cross over the Jorden is akin to being Resurrected.  By crossing the Jorden, we have been resurrected to a different higher level of our ministry for the Kingdom.  Promotion belongs to those who cross over under the Lords calling and guidance.  Because of this Moses instructed the people to consecrate themselves before they crossed over.  This crossing of the Jordan is not a ‘walk in the park’ stroll.

The need to consecrate themselves and take this crossing in the fear and awe of Yahweh, is seen in the command to stay about 1000 yards behind the ark of the covenant, which the priests were to carry.  A thousand yards or two thousand cubits are a multiple of the number ten.  Again, this numeral ten is important to grasp.  In the scriptures ten signifies Gods divine perfect order.  The Israelite’s crossing was to be ordered, rank upon rank, tribe by tribe in their designated positions in an orderly manner.  This could not be a rabble mob like crossing.

Likewise, when we are called to cross over, we must do so in fear of the Lord with an awe for his holiness and mighty power.  Each step should be bathed in pray looking to the author and finisher of our faith, with a love and a holy fear of his presence.  Too often we can become ‘loose’ in our approach to sacred things that the Lord has called holy, as we become more conformed to the worlds manner of thinking.

After the crossing each designated head of the tribe was to take a stone from the Jordan, where the priests feet had stood and build a memorial as a sign of the miracle crossing.  I believe those who have crossed over should make a note in their diary for this will be a day for future celebration, remembrance and reflection.  I have done so. 

Again, my eyes were fixated on twelve stones.  I know this was a stone from each tribe but again the numeral is significant in this context.  Twelve signifies by and large Gods perfect government.  As the Israelite’s walked farther into their promised land they established Gods government where ever they conquered the enemy.

We who have crossed over have been resurrected to carry the government that was on Christs shoulders, onto our shoulders, so that we can established Gods rule over the territory that we have been allocated in the promised land.  We have been given the right by royal decree to establish Gods government; firstly, in our family, secondly in our neighbourhood, then our work place and thence our city and from there into the nation.

Those who have crossed over have been given a mandate  - ride forth as a conquer bent on conquest, taking the land before us in the name of the Lord.


John B. Abela @johnabela ·

Great blog John!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I had never thought about the three days in conjunction with the resurrection. That makes sense as a "river" or "passing through the water" signified death not just in that culture but in numerous ones world-wide.

The memorial. Oh that we would also do that in our own lives! Over the years, I have surrounded myself with "reminders", whether it is written down, tied to a particular object or a memory carefully preserved in my mind. I believe it is far more important than we realize for doing this serves to remind us not only of what what God has done in the past but of the continuation of His promises!