Curses and Declarations from Goliath & David

Who would believe that there is so much spiritual truth from a popular Sunday School bible story?  Yet the Holy Spirit has brought us back to this well-known story of David and Goliath that many of my readers know off my heart and can repeat the story.  But do we really know this story from Gods perspective?

From my Penguin Dictionary of Modern English, the word ‘Curse’ is defined as = to call upon a divine or supernatural power to cause harm to somebody or to bring evil upon someone to afflict them.

As I read this story of David and Goliath it has become clear to me that Goliath, the big man from Gath was cursing the armies of the most high.  For 4o days and nights he was speaking over the army of Saul curses on behalf of his god, telling them that they were weak, useless no hopers who had a god who could not help them.  He portrayed himself as far superior and mightier than the armies of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  From the reaction of Saul’s army recorded in verse 11 and 24 they came to believe the voice of the giant.  They began to view themselves as grasshoppers, weaklings, full of anxiety, trapped in the curses of Goliath.

The Bible says in Proverbs 18:21 – ‘the tongue has the power of life and death.’ N.I.V.  Words spoken to bring harm to us either intentionally or unintentionally have the power to bring a curse on us.  By placing a curse over our souls is an open invitation for the demonic hordes to encamp around us.  To be told as a young child that you were not wanted; or to hear parents say that you will never amount to anything.  To be told at school that you are not bright.  To be told that you look different with your body shape, speech or attitude is placing a curse upon each of us.

If we listen to these voices in our head, we come under the power of the enemy and find ourselves believing the lies.  We start to act and become defined by the curse.  We become trapped into anxiety, depression and an endless round of misery and suicidal thoughts.  Like the armies of Saul, we are paralysed by fear unable to be an effective witness to the power of the cross and our saviour.  As solders in Gods army we are well beaten the by the giant’s curses

In verse 25 Saul responded in a worldly manner promising material prosperity and prestige; but the giant’s curses cannot be corrected and conquered in a non-spiritual manner.  All the worlds wisdom and collective knowledge does not have the know how to combat demonic curses.

David realised this in verses 45ff as he stood firm on Gods promises and declared victory in the name of the Lord.  He refused to believe the words of Goliath and made declarations to this effect.  He declared that the battle was the Lords. He declared that God has been with him in the past and will be with him again.  He declared victory in the name of the Lord.  He declared that the battle is not with spears and swords but spiritual.

For those who find themselves under a curse, we must learn from David.  Rise up and use your Kingly position, for we have been made Kings and Priests – Revelation 1:6.  This is not the time, I believe to be a priest and use prayer to beak the curse; no, only a royal decree, declared in the name of Jesus our King will gain us a foothold over the curse.  We need to repeat and repeat again, repeat again and again until we believe the declarations more than the curse that we have listened to for so long.

We are redeemed, we are set free from darkness, we are sanctified, we are delivered, we are healed, we are forgiven, no weapon formed against us will prosper, we are almighty conquering heroes, we are untouchable, we are free indeed, we are a child of God, we live in the heavens with Christ Jesus.  Declare these royal decrees and more, as lead by the Holy Spirit over and over and over again.  Repeatedly declare.  Write them on your foreheads, write on your mirror on your fridge, carry them on your cell phone.  Declare, declare, declare, again and again.

May God grant us wisdom to hear his voice from this almighty story of victory over the giants curses.

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Steve Hurt @steveh ·

This is no small part of this story.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Oh that we will listen to what God says, rather than what the enemy says and not only listen but declare and believe it!