Daily Bible Verse: 1 Corinthians 2:4-5

This verse has come at the correct time as Gods timing is also exquisite for this is the exact topic that many bloggers have been blogging about. Far too many church leaders are parroting the words in their sermons and scriptural writings that copy the thoughts of reason and human understanding.

Where are the pastors that preach a sermon these days that have waited on the Lord for the meaning of that verses or passage? For far too long we have been feed a diet of rubbish that is clothed in spiritual language as being the truth of Gods word. Whenever I hear someone say the scholars agree or this commentary says this I cringe and look for the voice of the Holy Spirit in the message.

In most cases it is missing as it has been trampled underfoot by the reasoning of the speaker or author. I have been a pastor in my past life and I know the pressure one is under to keep the congregation happy for after all in my case they were paying my stipend and besides I had to work alongside of them. But we have to resit the devil and be strong in the Lords strength.

To me it is all too simple – we read a passage and we ask the Holy Spirit to teach us his truths in that passage. Then we wait on the Lord for his answer, which may be straight away or it may come some time later as we are at work or asleep or relaxing as we are continually thinking and praying about that passage. The temptation of course is to fill that void with what we call Gods thoughts but in reality we are kidding ourselves for they are our own thoughts. Thoughts that we have gleaned from reading authors or commentaries or what we have heard from the pulpit or from our Sunday School days.

God is longing for the church leaders and bloggers to stand up and wait on the Lord and hear his truth before one writes or preachers. We speak of the false prophets to come but let’s make no mistake they are alive and well and standing in many pulpits of today’s churches.

As I have said may times before God is raising up a group of believers who are attuned to the spirit of God and are listening and blowing the trumpet and warning the church of Gods word for today.

Unless we heed the word of God we are building a people whose foundations are on men’s wisdom not on Gods power.

Billy Beard @billyb ·

'men's wisdom'. Just look at how men, using mens wisdom, understand creation. Though, according to many men's wisdom, was not done by God. Sadder still, regarding, the 'mixture' of men's wisdom regarding this one subject, and then God's plain and simple words about it. God's power and wisdom perverted and twisted by 'men's wisdom'. They will do the same with the Gospel. nuff said.

I do know that you have done much study. 'Study to show thyself approved unto God'. Absolutely, though, spiritually discerned. Good blog. God Bless brother. billy.

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Good blog, WMJ. I must stick up for those of us bloggers that research commentaries and sermons when preparing a post. I think we can both ask God to assist us in writing only what is true while reading the writings of others. Some written commentaries are not very valuable, some are very worthwhile. I feel we have to sift thru them. I learn a great deal in that process. We have a serious responsibility here, because many people read these blogs. There are many pastors whose sermons are heard by only 100-200 people. These blogs are in that same numerical category. Keep blogging. - biblguy-WIP


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