Deception is Out to Grab You

This is not a usual blog that I would happily write but the word has been pressing down on me over the past few days from the Holy Spirit.  I have had doubts that no one will read it.

I have sensed in my spirit that the enemy has spewed out of his mouth much colourful deception that even the elect will be caught in the web of half-truths.  This was brought forcibly home to me the other day.  Over the past week I have been receiving emails urging me to watch a video by a group called ‘The Church of the Almighty God.’  At first, I ignored this suggestion, but the emails kept coming until I sat down and opened a video to watch and listen.

It was very eye catching with excellent graphics and with a stirring background music it was totally inviting; but after a few minutes into the presentation I knew I was on deceptive ground.  I was invited to listen to understand the mysteries of salvation and to believe that the return of Jesus was needed to complete my salvation.

Wow, wow, wait a minute back up; did I hear that correctly?  Yes, I did.  I exited out of the video disturbed that someone thought I needed to hear heresy.  After some thought, prayer and research I was led by the Spirit to write this blog.

The group calling itself ‘The Church of the Almighty God’ is also known as ‘Eastern Lightning’ can be easily googled and makes claims that contain, half-truths, twisted truths and false interpretation of the sacred scriptures.

As I made it plain in my last blog the Bible makes it so clear that our salvation is not obtained through understanding mysteries, using our cognitive abilities, reasoning our way into Gods plan of redemption.  We cannot think our way into salvation.  Ephesians 2:8 is so clear that we are saved by grace obtained through faith which is a work of God on the cross.  Acts 16:31 simply says that we believe of the Lord Jesus we will be saved.

They also claim that Christ’s death on the cross did not do away with sin.  As mankind is still in bondage unable to live a holy blameless life; for we continue to be arrogant and defy Gods will.  Because of this bondage Christ’s second coming will bring judgement and freedom from the tyranny of sin.  Meaning that the work of salvation in our life is not competed until we receive the judgement of the returned Jesus.

How they have perverted Biblical understanding to come to this conclusion!  I read in my Bible that Christ died once and for all time to take away the sin of the world.  Romans 6:10.  On the cross Jesus said that it was finished.  John 19:30.. There are multiple other scripture references too numerous to mention here that explicitly state that the work on the cross does not need to be repeated.

I can see how easily someone who has not studied the scriptures for themselves can be caught up in the snare of deception and confusion.  Much more could be written on this subject but this will suffice for I wish to make these points.

The point of this blog is two fold –

1/ Be on alert for deception is easily caught.

2/ Study to show yourself approved of God as those believers in Acts 17:11 demonstrated.

P. S.  We should pray for the underground house churches in China who are being exposed, deceived and targeted by this cult along with the persecution from the communistic authorities.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I once read about a group that was founded by a man who had found a torn-out page from a Bible. He taught his followers that was a miracle from Heaven and that portion of scripture and that portion alone was the divine Word of God. I read about another group that was taught they had to stand on their heads when they prayed. Why? Because the founder of that group had tumbled into an old well and found himself caught in it upside down. Hearing his cries (prayer) for help, he was rescued. In his mind, his "prayer" was answered because he was in the proper position so he set off to share his testimony and teach his followers that was how they ought to pray. Unbelievable, perhaps but unfortunately, things like this are all too true. When I was a girl, I remember the horror I felt after learning about the tragedy of Jonestown where people willingly followed their leader's orders and committed suicide by drinking poison. :cry:

We need to be careful and above all, know the Word of God.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Some are easily deceived simply because they wont take the time to properly read and study scripture and find it easier to grasp any and everything that is spoon fed to them.

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

This is a sub group of a main group. As bad as this is there us more and it is infiltrating in bits and pieces into many churches. It's leaders are in high places of influnence in both Christian media and politics.
There is no miss conception or ignorence of scripture here. There is whole hearted deceit for power. It's roots go way back to the latter rain movement.
When I get home , if you would like, I can feel you in on the structure and outline with names. Plus a good site that is exposing these falsehoods.

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