Discipleship and the Long Road.

We are prone to forget that great things take time to mature. A well sought after cheese takes years to mature.A botique wine takes many many years. The same length of timeis taken for many sonsand daughters to come to glory. This pattern is seen throughout scripture, yet we moan and groan that God is tooslow concerning his promises. We have been redeemed and we know that God has all power in heaven and earth, why O why does it take such a long time for God to act. Why must we have to wait for God to answer us? We need to snap out of this bitterness and learn the secrets of Gods dealings with his servants.

Take Moses. He sensed the call of God to rescue his people, but then God shut him up in the desert where he laboured for someone elseas a lowly shepherd.Saul who had that dramatic encounter with God, was lead away from civilizationfor three years, alone with himself for company. JesusGods own son was announced with great annointingby the Holy Spirit at his baptism, but then was lead away to be tempted.

The same happens to us, for we have been blessed mightly by God and have soared like eagles to great heights, but soon after God shuts us up in a dungeon with cobwebs and darkness for company. Jesus took the long road when he went through the temptation, for it would have been so easy to take the 'short cut' and walk on 'easy street.'. Each of the temptations presented to Jesus had this central theme - you will get the kingship if you take the short road and put mankinds needs first, do some spectacular 'over the top' performance, compromise with evil. Jesus withstood Satans lies and took the long road to the save mankind.

We to hear he voice inside our spirits - 'it must happen quickly; it must be done quickly. We long to hurry things up, God is too slow. But remember a. disciple is not above their master. God takes his time to bring many sons and daughters to spiritual maturity, but we seek the short cut, the flashy method. We are not made sons and daughers in an instance as if God were to perform some magical feat and 'poof' we were changed. This is sinful thinking and false doctrine. Although wehave beensaved by a supernaturl work of Gods love and grace, sonship is an entfirely different matter, for I become a son or a daughter by an act of my will in odedience, trust and chastisment, not by spiritual necromancy. If God did not shield his own son from the rquirements of somship in that he learned obedience, why do you think God has excemptions for us?

We all have our long road to travel to come into glory and as we are changed from glory to glory we must resist with a fevour the lie to expect a short cut down easy street. We must kill the idea that we will ascend into heaven by leaps and bounds."For I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.". My friends do not think that this glory will suddenly apear as if by magic. God prepares his disciples by the simple act of us choosing to obey him at all times, for there is no short cut. We mistakenly say that our sinsare Gods problem, they arenot, our sins are our own problem which are rooted out by obedience and trust. We have been feed the lie that the bad in us is Gods enemy, no, the real enemy in our minds is the good that is not good enough for it has not been slain by obedience. When we enthrone our natural abilities on our throne, we like Moses, need to have the truth shown to,us and we by onedience need to allow God to rebuild ourtalents and abilities before they can be used for His glory. This takes time, there is no short cut.

Disciplship makingis neverfinished for we buck and fight every step along the long road, but God has endless patience and will wait for us to come to our senses on this or that point, for until we become like little chilren we are be of no use in his kingdom. But we say that we hve so much to give, we have marvellous plans, we have so much experience. God says until we begin to think as little children we have no right to be used by him, but God is patience and will take as long as we take beausewe can only come to his truth by the long road.

By his grace we have been made righteous, but we ought to be making headway in discupleship for he is longing to bring you into his glory.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

The increasingly popular doctrine that we will never experience "The Long Road" or "The Desert" grieves me. I was stunned once when I heard someone say that Jesus was fabulously wealthy and lived a life of comfort and ease. After all, the wise men had brought gifts and couldn't Jesus just ask for what He wanted? :eek:

In one of the many films about Jesus, there is one in which I love the portrayal of the temptation of Jesus. He does not look like he just stepped out of a spa. You see a face that is cracked and dry. You see a man who has been physically broken by being out in the desert fasting. When we consider the temptation of Jesus, we must NOT forget his tortured flesh. The flesh was crying out, "Take the easy road!" and it would continue to do so, right through the cross. We must never forget this!


K :princess:

David Macy @heidelberg ·

But we say that we have so much to give, we have marvellous plans, we have so much experience. God says until we begin to think as little children we have no right to be used by him, but God is patience and will take as long as we take because we can only come to his truth by the long road.

This is very true. My talents are the source of my pride, and God does not need them. My talents at my rebirth die, and He equips me for His work in His time. You are so right it is never what I think God needs or wants, but it is God working through me, often in spite of me.



Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

The way God forms everything in nature and the universe is reflected in the way He works in man. Good blog - keep blogging - fig

Kristen L. Gray @mwifey ·

I agree.

Unfortunately, we live in a "microwave society" that influences and shapes mindsets. That's why we are taught to "renew our minds" that we may prove what is the will of God in our lives. Even in that processIt still takes patience and persistence. I believe the Lord trains us in the true virtues that will ultimately mature us in the faith and keeps us steadfast and unmovable in a society that is constantly being tossed "to and fro".

Great blog!



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