Do not rush into 2018

I am bringing you into a new season, but it may mot look like much has changed but be assured I am working in the background.  Therefore, I say to you stand form on the truth that I am bringing you into a new calling.  For this reason, I say to you take time.  Take time.  Take time; this is my word to you my beloved.  Take time to watch and wait for me to open the next chapter.  Take time to wait for me to call you forth.  Take time for my word to dance before your eyes saying, ‘This is the way walk in it.’

Take time to stand firm on my promise to you that you are moving forward.  Take time to withstand the temptation to move forward yourself.  Wait on my word for my word will propel you into the calling I have prepared for you during last season.  Take time to put on my armour so that you can go forward in confidence and trust.

There is a time that seems right to man, but this is not my time for you.  Take time to see my time to step out of the boat.  Remember that I called David to be King and anointed him, but this was not the time for him to sit on the throne of Israel.  Be like David and take time to wait for my time, for my time will be perfect.

Do not be like Saul who could not wait seven days and rushed in with impatience and self-reliance.  Take time to obey my word says the Lord for even though I have anointed you for this new season, do not rush in looking for the new assignment for it will come.

Take time to recall your training in the past season that you are about to leave.  Take time to recall my warfare skills but above all take time to look me in eye and sense my love for you.  Take time to know that I AM with you and that I AM your wisdom, strength and revelation. 

Take time to sense the aroma of my presence for I will call you into my calling in my time.  Take time to take you mark and be ready for the call of ‘Go’ to be released into your new assignment.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Its strange how some blogs really confirm what we sometimes have been praying about and pondering. This is one of those blogs.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

We want to rush but God calls us to "take time".

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Agree with Bethy and K

Kristen L. Gray @mwifey ·

This blog blessed, blessed, and SUPER blessed me! Thank you, Jesus! Bless your servant for his faithfulness, courage, and humility!